August 12, 2005

No WONDER My Eye is Twitching!

I dreamed we got robbed. Not here at home, at the shop. I don't know if I so much as dreamed it as I might have just thought it. You know, woke up, still in REM and thoughts drifting. There have been break-ins in nearby towns recently. We've had a "stranger" in the shop for a couple of days and it was easy for me to think of him as "casing" the joint. I've been watching too much news lately. Trying to make something out of nothing...ha ha.
Other things of note:
I have developed an eye twitch and it's driving me INSANE
I could still be asleep
It's Friday
I have to work all day today and tomorrow morning until 2pm.
Some of the Coffee Bean Queens are going to be in a parade tomorrow
I have to decorate a trailer, somehow get the float lashed to the trailer, get the costumes
Tomorrow evening is the Relay for Life walk
I have to: pop a gazillion pounds of popcorn, set up my tents, get a "movie theater" ready, have my walking shoes on, get my donations ready, walk all night from 6pm to 6 am
I'm going back to bed for an hour!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

According to all the pre event advertising....the Relay is 7pm to 7am....