August 01, 2005

Ooga Baybe!

Don't you just want to dance a little to the Blue Suede Shoes? I wanted to post the song here, in my "post" but blogger wouldn't let me for some reason. Just go hit play and boogie a little.


ken said...

love your musings...great to begin the day with a smile and laugh.....creative pics as well.....LOVE, really LOVE your music tastes..john mayall is touring the states now, 72 and still kicks ass....add a few to your pallette..sonny landreth, lucinda williams and tommy miller of louisiana, buddy miles, savoy brown and of course the most passionate of all, otis redding....THE MAN....again, thanks for sharing! ken

tj said...

i love that song. i used to wear blue suede vans in high school. hehe. i was so cool.

of course, i also wore them with argyle socks, madras shorts and a concert t-shirt. so my idea of cool may be a little skewed.

Lori Lou said...

That song rocks! I need to dig out my old 'Reservoir Dogs' tape and listen to it.