August 11, 2005

Remake This!

Everything seems to be a remake lately. The music, the films, the fashion and even the news. Is nothing "new" anymore? Let's see how many times does one really want to sit through Herbie, Willy Wonka or the Bad News Bears? I mean, hell, wasn't 1 or 2 times when you were a 30 years ago...ENOUGH?!
Now, fashion retro redo isn't as hard to take, for me. But when news reporters have to start pimping current issues with famous "old news" characters to try and add romance, excitement and general excess mayhem it makes me sick. Just like, as TJ mentions, there is no comparison between Bonnie and Clyde and recent fugitives, George and Jennifer Hyatte...except both the couples were killers. But someone on TV compared them to the old timers and I just bet the station began to see an increase in viewers. It was a nice catchphrase I guess. People remember Bonnie and Clyde.
Who or what will our children remember? Are there any people or any things that are unique at all?? Is everything just one big circle jerk of remakes?

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