August 07, 2005

Rule #7 Might Kick My Ass

Okay, I was catching up on Jozjozjoz and I read a reference to a "cuddle" party and there was a link. So, I went there...and I think it has CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. and I mean that...
Here are 5 of my favorite "cuddle party" rules:
1. Pajamas stay on the whole time.
2. No sex.
7. No dry humping!
13. Be hygienically savvy.
14. Clean up after yourself.
here are some of my favorite "cuddle faqs" just click the links and find out the cuddle faqs!
Why would anyone want to cuddle with a bunch of strangers?
This is really just an excuse to have an orgy, right?
Can I get stoned at a Cuddle Party?
What if something "comes up"? (AKA, Arousal and the Erection Phenomenon...)

This explanation is...PRICELESS and so very very well put that I had to include it here!
...We strive not only to free people of the awkwardness surrounding arousal, but to allow them to develop some real coordination around it. At a Cuddle Party, erections become Mother Nature's way of giving us the thumbs-up sign. Nothing's wrong. Nothing's dirty. Nothing's suspect. And as long as you're not dry humping anyone (Rule #7), it's completely okay. Really.

hee hee hee
I've decided to attend a workshop in New York on September 23-25th to become a Cuddle Party Facilitator because I want to learn how to create safe, non-sexual spaces and to explore intimacy on both a personal and professional level while learning to be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably. Anyone want to join me?? Just give me a hug...and a that grinding though...!

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shenry said...

Mother Nature's thumbs-up? Hrm. I don't know if wifey would buy that. No, honey, it's not that I'm totally turned on by Angelina Jolie... I'm just giving her Mother Nature's thumbs-up.

Cuddle parties. What's the point of such a party if I can't get stoned and dry hump. Geeze, they sure take all the fun out of it.