August 12, 2005

Twitching, Bitching and Yawning

I think this title would make a good blog name. I may have to change Dash Blog's handle.
Last night some of the youngsters across the way had a jam session. I went outside, crawled on top of the trailer we are going to put our Coffee Bean Queen float on, laid down and stared at the stars and listened. I love live music and granted, there weren't many songs I recognized, but I still enjoyed it. I mean what could be better than watching stars and listening to live music?
In other news...I STILL have an eye twitch!
What Causes Eye Twitching or an Eye Twitch?
Stress ...well...count me in for that
Irritation of the cornea or conjunctiva...hmmmm...I did accidentally poke my neon blue mascara wand into my eye the other day...
Fatigue it
Lack of sleep it
Staring too long such as at computer screen or tv or when it
Nervous system disorder ...yahh...probably got it
Eye Twitching Treatment Options
Mild Eye Twitching
Will usually go away on its own
Cut down on stress ...chuhhh....right
Rest up...chuhhh....right
Severe Eye Twitching
Medication (different depending on situation) usually to relax muscles ...what muscles?
Botox injections....ha ha ha ha...I have a legit REASON besides the wrinkle thing a ma jig
Surgery only for the severest of cases that hamper vision...uhhhh...hamper vision...I just had this "vision" of my laundry hamper and it wasn't good.

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