August 08, 2005

Well, At Least I Got Cheesie Green Beans!

Well, it's been a long donkey ass day already and it's probably not over yet. After work, I went to the Relay for Life meeting to turn in my teams donation money. As no one else on my team was aware they were to bring their money today I had only mine. And that was small potatoes. I was writing a check at 6:25 pm and the meeting was at 6:30. The walk is on Saturday night and it goes from 6pm to 6am. We walk around the track without stopping and whatever money we make goes to the American Cancer Society. Mark is the emcee.
Anyway, after walking in with my measly contribution I went back to the shop, made a gift basket, finished cleaning the ice machine and then thought, hmmmm I wonder if there are any leftovers from the noon special? I shuffled back to the fridge, opened it and taa daaa there, sitting all alone in a small tupperware bowl, were...cheesie green beans. They were just sitting there, staring at me like they wanted to say, "Girl, don't you EVEN think about eating cheesie green beans because YOU do NOT need any such thing!" So I picked the fuckers up and took 'em home where they were quite tasty with about a minute of heat in the mighty microwave. Mark went to the "parents of kids who go out for sports meeting" which I avoided.
Now, I have 345 dishes to do and it appears that no one in this house is wearing underwear because there is a MOUNTAIN of untidy whities in the laundry room. I think my evening is set.

side note...12:59...still the same day...
no it wasn't over by a long shot. I ended up going back to the shop to check on the ice machine about 9:30...and just got home. Everytime I clean the ice machine I end up having trouble with it and ta daaaa this was no exception. What a loverly loverly night. Tomorrow...I mean, later today, freight comes in...usually about 6:30 am...AGHHHHHHH. Please ignore this whiny post.

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Dottie DoTell said...

Long Donkey Ass Days are the worst, arent they?