October 31, 2005

Letter of Doom

My MIL has been here this weekend. She came up on Friday to see Katie in THE SOUND OF MUSIC!
Did I tell you about the play yet?? ha ha
Anyway, everytime Darlene comes here there is a death or two back in her hometown. Her schedule of funerals to attend seem large and intimidating. Good grief, she must know every single body in that town. There is always an e-mail from Darlene's sister Hazel that sounds something like:
"Hi Mark and Sheryl, how was the (play/game/weekend etc...?) Tell Darlene that (so and so/so and so's uncle/so and so's daughters grandma's sister in law...etc) (is sick/has died/is in the hospital on their last leg...etc).
The weather is clear and cold. Have you made the fart bars lately??
Enjoy the day!

October 29, 2005

Forgive Me For I Have Not Blogged

It's been 3 days since I last blogged. As you can see from this photo I've been busy. Busy attending THE SOUND OF MUSIC ... high school style. Katie was Mother Abbes...and it was AWESOME!!! I LOVED IT!
I'm too tired to write more but I'll upload more pictures soon because I KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE MY DAUGHTER IN HER PLAY! Wait till I post the video...hee hee hee.

October 26, 2005

Take 2 and Call Me In The Morning...with pictures!

Dear Jo (aka Typhoid Mary),

ps...this is also available in blow up style...go figure.

Something That's Been On My Mind

Good Coaches: What's In

Coaches Who Understand and Motivate Their Players
Coaches Who Are Tough but Fair
Coaches Who Teach Life Skills Along With Sports Skills
Coaches Who Make It a Team Effort

Sport can, and does, have a positive effect on young people. Sport can help in providing an enjoyable environment, an opportunity to make friends; it can build trust, promote teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. These benefits are only possible if young performers are put in the care of a good coach.

Coaches play a crucial role in the development of any sport and in the lives of the performers they coach. Good coaches ensure that the individuals in sport have a positive experience and are therefore more likely to continue in their sport and achieve their potential.

A Good Coach should:
Provide a safe, fun and appropriate environment for all performers to take part in
Have up to date appropriate coaching qualifications, continually training to develop and maintain their level of competence
Have experience of coaching the relevant age group
Always put the welfare of each performer first - before winning or achieving goals
Treat all players, irrespective of who they are, fairly and with respect and dignity
Having a balanced relationship with players, based on trust and respect
Give performers the right amount of input
Give enthusiastic and constructive feedback, rather than negative criticism
Recognise performers' needs
Get to know their performers and their parents/carers
Promote fair play
Be an excellent role model by demonstrating appropriate personal behaviour at all times

Bad Coaches: What's Out

Coaches Who Focus on Only a Few Players
Coaches Who Yell or Put Players Down
Coaches Who Can't Teach or Don't Give It Their All

A good coach supports, rewards, teaches, and makes a sport fun. For most of you, that motivates a team to win more than anything else. And, hearing what you suck at never inspired anyone."

Here is a link entitled
Work Ethic: Raising a Team Player by Danny Peary/Harry Sheehy that I did really really enjoy.

Most of the above is taken from googles about coaching.

Music I just found and LOVE...heee hee hee

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October 25, 2005

October 22, 2005


The fungus called truffles can cost $800 to $1,500 per pound. They are sniffed out by female pigs, which detect a compound that is in the saliva of male pigs as well.

The same chemical is found in the sweat of human males.
...huh...what do ya know

October 20, 2005

Warning ***** BandAid ***** Warning

Have you ever been inspired to take down your curtains and wash them? And while you are taking those nasty little peckerheads off the curtain rod have you ever inadvertently almost cut your finger off because you are trying to screw the curtain rod head back on because that BAS TURD decided to take a leave of absence? And have you ever walked calmly to the laundry room holding your gashed open hand high in the air to stem the spurting arterial flow, because you know where you keep your BandAids, because not only are you a nurse but a mother and a wife and you have 2 boys and there is almost always blood on the weekend requiring either stitches, super glue, a tourniquet or BandAids of some sort? And have you ever put on a BandAid and returned to your work all the while wondering why the hell your stub of a finger is hurting even worse that before? In fact, it feels as if it's on FIRE! And have you ever then looked at the covering over your oozing wound and realized that yes indeedy it certainly resembles a real BandAid...except for the fact that this type of dressing is used to remove warts?
Me either!

October 19, 2005

Just Say NO To Naked Limbs

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This was a perfect fall day. I want to get a glue gun and start pasting all the beautiful leaves back on the trees because I really hate naked branches though.

October 16, 2005

Pez Tunes

I just purchased a Christmas gift.
Really I did.
I don't know who I will give it to yet because I think I will want it for my ownself.
Check it.
I was over at Nef's Blog and saw this add for something so fantabulous that I HAD TO GET IT!
An MP3 Pez!

Cheerleaders, Cookies, and Weirdness

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I love this picture of Katie and Brittany. This was taken on Homecoming night. Katie is number 88.
Anyway, I just tried out Castpost for hosting pictures and I love them...so far...so good.
Other news:
I raked leaves and baked 600 cookies.
Mark has the shits.
Those two things aren't related...I mean COME ON MY COOKING ISN'T THAT BAD!
shut up Shelley
Andrew, Jake and Alec have been making movies all day.
There are a variety of stuffed animals sporting duct tape on legs, arms and ears and these items are scattered throughout the computer room.
Andrew's "girlfriend" came over and she brought a friend and that was weird.
Katie is wandering aimlessly around the house.
I put on Quiet Man and watched some of it.
I picked lavendar, rosemary and lemonbalm and humg them all over my house.
That's about it.

October 15, 2005

I Dyed My Hair Last Night!

...and if my name was Betty this would be my theme song.

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October 13, 2005

Can't I Just Lock 'em Up and Throw Away The Key For a Few Years?

Okay, I just looked into the book I bought way back when Katie got her first boyfriend. The name of this tome? Changing Bodies Changing Lives by Ruth Bell.
Ruth Bell is my hero. I wonder about her parents but still...Ruth Bell writes about everything from anal sex to the zyphoid process. AND luckily enough there are illustrations, photos, general "how to", "how not to", "why should you", "why you shouldn't", "why you did", "what you think you did", "what you really did" step by freaking step easy to follow instructions to E V E R Y T H I N G you even thought you knew about sex. Scattered among the colorful yet painful to see with both eyes open pictures are lovely paragraphs about clits and cocks and balls and gay sex. There are chapters about depression, aggression, testosterone, pubes, and masturbation. There are soooo many useful articles.
I guess.
I'm too scared to look any farther.
I'm putting that fucking book back on the shelf and I'm going to tell Mark to "do the talk".
I can't even read about it...gulp.
ucky poo poo

...and the HELL if I'm letting Andrew see that book...let alone Mark!
Good Night Irene!

Cranes, Tigers & Puke

I always like to put Kill Bill on while I clean the house. For some reason it soothes me. Do you think that means something could possible be wrong in my psyche?
I love that movie. I think I've said before that it's Art to me.
Like a painting. The fight scene between Black Mamba and O-ren Ishii in the garden is my favorite. O-ren looks like a big white graceful bird...maybe a crane as she fights and Uma like a sleek tiger. The sound of the water and the bamboo fountain is awesome. The white of the snow...Beautiful.

Anyway, la la la la la la Like you really care to hear about this shit.

I did forgot to tell you that Katie barfed on her homecoming date on Saturday. She came home bawling and embarrassed with a fever, hives the size of my hand and puke chunks on her sassy black and white outfit.
The only good thing about this?? No worries about back seat grappling.
hee hee
I know...evil...but hey...I'm the mama!! I can and will be evil!!

no more news about Andrew...thank GOD in heaven...holy CRAP I hate the thought of having 2 searching for mates.

October 11, 2005

Okay, I know I said hiatus.

But it must be said.
Andrew is "going" with someone.
Even to the display of "holding hands" my daughter tells me...but only unless I don't tell anyone else! Of course I tell you...because I know you can keep a secret.
I told Mark tonight...Mark...you must have "The Talk" with the boy. I cackled when I said it because I am FREAKING OUT PEOPLE!!! Andrew is in 8th grade...his HO is in HIGH SCHOOL!!! Granted it's just 9th grade but OH MY GOD!!!! HE'S JUST A BAYBE...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
At least she lives out of town and they are both "non drivers" still! OMG! Baybes!
It's bad enough Katie is on the prowl...
young love makes me VOMIT!!!!
When did I become so fucking old?? and jaded??
damn...I hate this feeling. I wish I could be young and wild and ... nevermind...shittttttt!!!
Anyway...I'm sure all will be well...because Alec offered to give the sex talk for us...and HELL ON WHEELS...HE PROBABLY KNOWS MORE THAN WE DO ALREADY!

Six Pack On The Dashboard

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Unable To Master the Sudoku

Could you do it?
I struggled and thought I had 3/4 of it done and then discovered I had it wrong. Man, that is frustrating!
Still raining...day 2.
maskes me a bit gloomy and tired.
Not much different that usual really.

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I'm thinking of giving this site a hiatus as I feel it is no longer cathartic or useful in any way. I struggle to write something, anything to put in a post and that isn't what I wanted it to be...a struggle. I started this journal mainly as an experiment in 2002. My main site was my poetry site at that time and this was just a bit of a lark. Now, I haven't written anything or sent out anything or had anything published for several months. And I don't feel inclined to either. So, if you see that several days go by without an update it's because, well, I may not be updating at all.
Thanks to the 3-4 dash blog readers for sticking with me for this long!

October 10, 2005

Sudoku This!

The name Sudoku is apparently an abbreviation for Suji wa dokushinsha ni kagiru. Clear? Well, we're told that means "numeral(s) limited to a single person". This probably refers to the fact that only one of each digit can appear in a row, column or box.

October 08, 2005

Mother Are You In My Head Again??

1) We need groceries
2) I need hair dyed ASAP!!
3) Homecoming dance is...NOW!
4) Katie is there
5) We are here
6) I am NOT going to call her on her cell phone and check on her even though I want to so bad I can taste it!
7) Must wash second load of dishes
8) Cop car was at the dance...I know this because Mark took Petie for a ride(yes, the dog gets to go on a date with Mark more than I do)...and saw it then reported back to me that bit of news...thank you MARK!
9) am NOT going to call Katie on her cell phone and totally embarrass her even though I want to know what the hell is going on
10) Am sick of my 1) hair
2) body
3) face
4) attitude
5) job
6) being tired

11) Yet, as I hear my mothers voice in my head I am thankful
1) I have hair at all
2) I have a body that works
3) I have a face(?)
4) I have a brain that can work enough to have attitude
5) I am lucky enough to have a job
6) I have a bed
It just doesn't seem right to bitch at all now...sigh

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October 05, 2005

A Shit Load

During the varsity volleyball action this evening, after sending Alec home (bad headache) and then Andrew (coughing up a lung) I expected to watch the games in relative peace. Even though, by happenstance we were sitting 1 row above the "student section". Dear God in heaven who are those creatures and do I really have some of those things?! So, while immersed in game 3 who should appear but Alec, all frantic and shouting, "Help!", "Come home!" "We've got a major leak!" and Mark and I looked at Mr. Drama King and then each other and Alec says, "Part of the ceiling came down!". Meanwhile the games were on and we were behind! Hell!! I looked at poor Alec's face, nudged Mark and said, "You better go" and then, after Mark got up and followed Alec in hot pursuit I mentioned, in an aside to my mom, "Mayybee I better go too."
Dahum, I hate missing a game.
Anyway, Mark and Alec sped off and I walked at the fastest pace my 2 stubs could go until I got home. I allowed myself the vision of a brand new bathroom, fully equipped with claw foot tub, mini bar and hair dye shooting out of a vat above the sink!
fuckin' aye
When I arrived at home I went to the laundry room and saw a panel of the ceiling dripping shit colored water into every pot and pan I own (on top of the washer and drier). Directly above the laundry room is the upstairs bathroom.
The toilet got stuck and overflowed and collapsed part of the ceiling. Andrew and Alec used every towel, blanket, shirt, curtain I ever even thought of owning to stem the flow.
They did well.
So well, in fact that a new bathroom is out of the question.
I just have to get a new ceiling tile and wash 4567 loads of laundry.
I also had to mop the laundry room floor, the downstairs bathroom floor, the upstairs bathroom, the shower, the bath tub, scrub the walls and you get the picture.
I'm waiting now on load #2.
It's gonna be a long donkey ass night.

October 04, 2005

Don't Hold Your Breath

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October 03, 2005


Cindy Sue stopped by after her therapy this afternoon. No not mental therapy, physical, if you can believe that. Her knee was like a cantelope after Saturday night. She's going to try working again tomorrow but I don't know how that knee will take it.
I think I've discovered a way to slow her down thanks to Andrew.
Andrew and his study hall teacher that is.
Cindy and I went down to the football field to watch our boys finish up with their 54 hour practice. When we could finally spare a second from munching on jalepeno corn nuts,wasabi peanuts and slurping our pops we noticed something. Some of the boys were done with practice and were heading back to the gym for a much needed shower. Some remained behind. And then, one at a time, they began running around the practice field with a tire looped over each arm.
We noticed Bustin' Justin leaving with a big grin on his face...sans tires.
No Andrew though.
double shit
Then, I spotteed him...with tires, loping half heartedly around the field.
After he staggered around and eventually walked by us toward the school I asked politely, What did you do! He smiled and said sweetly, "I lip synced a song during study hall and got a detention"...then turned and headed for the showers.
okay then.
Anyway, to make a long story short, If necessary, I will just put tires on Cindy to slow her down a bit. I'll probably have to get tractor tires but hell, whatever it takes!
I'm going to take a picture of that cantelope tomorrow...I can't believe I haven't already done that!

October 02, 2005

A Fine Time Was Had By All

We had a gigantic hoe down at Shirley K's last night to raise money for the hurricane victims.  It was both a success and somewhat of a disappointment.  
There were Mark burgers and we had live music and that ALWAYS makes me happy.  I walked around with a grin on my face the whole entire time.  The people that attended seemed to have a great time as well.  We moved a TV in so  the Huskers (both football and volleyball...go Christina!!) could be seen though not heard.  We also moved the tables out of the way so that there could be dancing.  And there WAS dancing.   Lots of it.  
We left the cleaning until today and that took me about 8 hours with my Mom and Funky Cold Medina's help.  That sucked because then, the day was done and my house remains sty like.
  Actually I was a bit surprised and disappointed that there were not more people there to enjoy the evening.   I think, because I put so much work into the evening (quote from daughter…”You try too hard Mom”) that I felt quite a let down when I arrived back there this morning to start cleaning.
I wondered...was it worth it?
Would I do it again?
I was leaning toward no.
Then, I thought of the happy faces of those that were there.  The people clapping and tapping feet.  The singers and players voices echoing off the tin ceiling.  People gathered into a small room, eating, laughing, greeting one another and I think of Matt, singing and dancing.  
I think of how good it felt to hear the music, be a part of that and I think, yes, hell yes!  
I would do it again in a heartbeat.