November 28, 2005

My Head Is A Snow Globe

It's a blizzard here like we haven't seen in awhile.
The wind gusts are up to 50 mph or more at times.
With snow.
Mark and I headed up to the shop around 6 am(ish) and while he shoveled I planned what meal to feature, made rolls and lined up the coffee shop stuff. I decided I would just shower there after I was done with the morning stuff.
I thought I'd probably end up with a shower partner but Mark ended up taking an elderly man to the hospital instead. The man was out walking into a restaurant down the street (not even open) and he fell on his arm...breaking his shoulder. Poor guy. Luckily I got my shower done quickly unluckily after dressing I made a decidedly bad discovery.
I hadn't brought my make up with me!
I was due to open up in 5 minutes, Mark was gone, I had no face looked like, ass. I thought...oh surly no one will come in.
Oddly, even though it was blizzarding, people did come in to get coffee and hot chocolate, cappuccinos and lattes...and I made chili and cinnamon rolls for our "daily special" and Thank God that Katie walked in and I made her work and new girl Amber trained our front today and she caught on AWESOMELY and it worked out okay. I had to stay all day and close just like the old days and I am tired.
Ran out to take some groceries to Mom and Dad as they are trapped inside of their house due to the blowing snow. Dad doesn't feel real well today...not sleeping well, slightly nauseated and in his words felt like he had a hangover. We don't have our Lincoln appointment yet. It's a worry.
Funny, as a nurse I dealt with this all the time...while at the hospital or doing home health and hospice...but feels different.
I hate it very much.
Everything seems to be spinning inside my head. Much like a snow globe.
Just waiting for everything to settle down so I can see what's really going on.

November 27, 2005

Ten Second News

Dad's home and we will probably be going to Lincoln sometime this next week.
For now we wonder if the rattle is an infusion from the pneumonia or, as he says, "My leetle buddies", making an imaginary ciggarette with his fingers.
We can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
In other news, I tore the coffee shop appart yesterday and attempted to decorate and move the tables and chairs around so some people can sit as long as they wish and others, who wish to shop, could actually shop.
It was a nightmare from hell.
I moved every table, every chair, almost every counter, every book, coffee bean and more.
I always regret it when I get the place torn from stem to stern, because it takes FOREVER to put things away.
In the end, I got things put back somewhat in order, but I didn't get all my decorating done.
Today I suppose, I'll finish.
The thought of decorating my house makes me shudder.
I have no desire to do it.
At all.
We should have put up our outdoor lights yesterday when it was nice out.
Today is cold, windy and possible it will snow and rain later.
At least some of my Christmas shopping is done.
Boxes have been arriving lately.
Filled with things I ordered.

If only I could remember who I ordered that monkey for.
For now...

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November 24, 2005

I Need A Drink!!

Not much new.
Dad still in our local hospital with "inconclusive CAT scan results" leading to a check up in 2 weeks with a pulmonologist in Lincoln.
He is being treated for Pneumonia now and for the next 2 or 3 days...Even though he has been smoking since he was 11-12 years of age...and the inevitable is looming on the horizon.
He has lost 20 or so pounds.
He has a chronic cough.
His RBC is 12...not 14 like a man should be.
He occasionally coughs up bright red sputum.
You do the math.

It's been a hard 2 days and it feels like a month has went by.

It might be miller time soon...

November 22, 2005

The Word

My Dad's in the hospital.
Not great news.
We may be heading for Lincoln, pulmonologists, biopsies etc.
I'll know more today...probably more than I want to know I'm sure.

November 20, 2005

Sunday Lovely Sunday

We got ready for church this morning (no small feat ) the kids were just dragging around, fighting, bickering, putting on clothes that were wrinkled (not the one's I'd already ironed and laid out of course), too little, fully holey...not holy...and just in general trying to piss me off.
They succeeded. I blew up and shouted and screamed and bawled I was so mad. Finally as I saw we were already later than late I capitulated and said, as everyone assembled, finally clean, combed, non hole wearing fully clothed, WE ARE NOT GOING...DO YOU HEAR ME...YOU GOT UP EARLY AND YOU GOT READY AND WE ARE NOT GOING!!!!!!
Then, I did yard work, bought Christmas presents online and wrote this.
I should have just went, late with kids in tow...but I didn't.

November 17, 2005

Sly...John...It's ALL GOOD!

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...If You Want Me To Stay...Sly and the Family Stone

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Alone in the Dark...John Hiatt

After I posted these 2 songs I walked out to the living room and was immediately startled to see a balding man, very sincerely saying to the camera, A man's brain can be likened to a vagina.
vagina my ass
A man's brain is a PENIS...DUH.

November 16, 2005

FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRENZY- coming to a stadium near you SOON!

In fact, the boys play Friday at 11 for the State Football championship!!!
Hope the snow in Lincoln will be gone by then. Mark called me from Omaha and said there was 2 inches tonight.
Some notes of interest about one of our football players/all state choir members can be read HERE. KHAS-TV News 5 is carrying this unusual tale of a talented kid who must choose between singing in the All State Honor Choir on Saturday or...playing in the State Championship Football Game on Friday morning. The Choir rules are that if he misses one rehearsal he cannot sing in the final concert which would be Saturday. Anothony auditioned and qualified for the All State Choir several weeks ago. He is one of those rare individuals that excels in everything that he does...AND he is a nice kid. Too bad he has to choose one over the other...but...such is life I guess...and unfortunately this probably won't be the last tough decision he will have to make.
I will not be able to go to the game as I'll be here working. I got to go to the girls volleyball game so that was my time off.
Cambridge will probably be a ghost town by Friday.
Last time Cambridge was in the State Playoff Cindy and I popped a dishpan full of popcorn and propped our feet up by the TV at the shop and watched the game between making lattes and hot chocolates for the few stragglers that remained. We might do that this time too.
My chilluns will all be at the game...Katie, cheerleading and the boys there by farming them off with a willing family. Mark will meet them there. He's in Omaha at a State School Board meeting of the minds...yahoooza...wish I WAS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

November 15, 2005

Hold Onto Your Hats People This Is B I G !

I'm thinking about having a Scrabble tournament at the coffee shop.
I know...dip me in mustard and call me hotdog...if THAT doesn't sound wild!!

Let me know if you want to sign up!

November 14, 2005


{All games to be played at Memorial Stadium - UNL}

Friday -November 18th -Plainview vs Cambridge 11:00AM {Class C2}

What a feeling to play at Memorial Stadium.
I cannot even fathom how exciting a time those boys will have just being there.

November 13, 2005

Moon & Mars

If you look closely you can see Mars left of the "Frosty Beaver Moon". I took that picture last night. On Monday night, the distance will shrink and the pair will have a close encounter.

Merrily Merrily Merrily....Life is But a Dash

Recently, after reading darling Shenry's recent blog entry titled, God of Shenry I went to the Urban Dictionary.
I wanted to look up some naughty words so I started with...Shenry...and found out what I already knew...Shenry is undefined!
I then looked up Dash Blog...alas...I am not undefined and cool like Shenry.
There were a few definitions involving the word dash and a few with blog and one I particularly liked involving the words...Life is a Dash.
I think I'll make that my new motto.

November 12, 2005

Good Luck C.H.S. Football Team!

Katie...on her way to CHEER the TROJANS to a VICTORY!!

Andrew and Katie head for the game!

Could've Would've Should've

Well, the girls lost.
That's about all I'm going to say about it for now...if I can control my big fat mouth...and THAT may not always be the you all well fact...let me say this ONE thing...If you have to barricade a player from receiving, at this time of year, in a game where you are playing at State Tournament level, than that person should not be playing in the back row. Especially if it's not an isolated incident.
There is no shame in that. The only shame is not using ALL your players to the best of their ability.
Those girls could have swept the tourney.
See...I knew I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
Now, it's on to the boys football game. If we win's on to the State Tournament for them next week.
I heard that if the BOYS go to State they go up 2 days early.
WTF!! Is that necessary? Did I hear wrong?
One day for a walk through on the field, one day to practice...then...??
Why don't the girls go up several days in advance?? They could benefit from a walk through at the gym they will play at.
I say what is fair for one group if fair for all...?? I not seeing this in the right light?

Oh yahhhhh....I forgot
Boys are special, football is different, girls don't need that kind of treatment nor do they deserve it because God knows lowly girls don't put in the amount of time, effort and blood, sweat and tears the boys do
I know I know I know...why don't I open another can of worms!

I'm OUT!

November 10, 2005

Just So Ya Know

I fucking HATE those chips called..."Scoopers" or something like that.
Every time and I mean EVERYFUCKINGTIME I eat one I cut the roof of my mouth!
what is UP with that!
I guess it's GOD telling me, Hey fat ass I think you need a Scooper let alone half a bag of Scoopers like you need a pocket in your underwear.

State Volleyball Game...Tomorrow, Lincoln, 2:30.

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November 08, 2005

Moving Soon

I'm thinking of changing my blog URL. So don't be surprised if you show up and I'
You can e-mail me at if you would like my new URL. Otherwise...adios pot roast!

November 06, 2005

12 Miles

Just went 12 miles with Cindy Sue. Her first since she had a knee scope, my first since the Century ride. I loved it and I want to get back at it again. Funny what a little break will do.

November 05, 2005

Volleyball Girls WILL Go To State!

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We play on Friday at Pershing at 2:30. I am so excited for the girls!!
Wipe 'em OUT GIRLS!!!!!!

Shit Cakes, Tooth Decay - and how they are related.

Petie took a curlique crap on my carpet night before last because we didn't put him in his kennel like we usually do.
Bas - Turd!
When I got up yesterday I cleaned up the shit cake and after the usual morning routine, went to work.
Last night when I was flossing my teeth (with a wild animal children flosser of course) I was walking around the house (talking...imagine that) and I dropped my only flosser...guess where.

November 02, 2005

Meet The Flockers!

Well, I just got back from a noon meeting of the minds.
Over lettuce studded with shrimps (of which I abstained) and reddish pinkish dressing of unknown origin we planned Old Fashioned Christmas 2005. Something new for our town. We giggled, some spilled our water and Karlala wrote everything out. All we need are reindeer and eggnog and we'll have 'er done. We may have to resort to our local florist Jolee's Flocking machine for the snow...but we are going to have us some fun on Dec 8. If you are in the neighborhood please stop down...and put on an elf costume for added pleasure.
One idea of mine that didn't go over...I said we should flood our streets and have ice skating...never mind those drunks in the gutters! Guess everyone likes those drunks better than ice skating! Damn

Now...I think we should start planning and Old Fashioned Easter...hmmmmmm wouldn't that be something now.

Benched...Mentally AND Physically

It is so hard to face your child, ready to give yet another "life lesson speech" when she comes home game after game hurting, tears in her eyes. Let me tell you, Mark and I have given so many life lesson speeches this year already that we are running out of ideas. Mark is so good about saying the right things but I am impatient...too emotional...and am frankly sick and tired of having a perpetual lump in my throat. But...instead of screaming and stomping my feet and making an ass of myself (something I'm quit good at by the way) I write it out and (make an ass of myself in print), I research my questions, I try to make sense of it. I try to find another "lesson" I can give my daughter that may help her to understand that she IS important to the TEAM, that SHE IS part of a T E A M. I feel that is something the coach should be doing. I know it's hard for me to be objective since this is MY CHILD. I'm not stupid. I realize my daughter probably shouldn't be front row...although she did fine in junior varsity there...and her skills there have improved...but still...I feel her passing and tremendous serve, her scrappiness are an asset that has been misused all this year. Unfortunately, her self esteem, her confidence in her abilities have decreased as she has been told things like, "You had your chance and you blew it", when she missed 2 serves, or when she asked for instruction on her spike approach, "Yah...that looks good enough". Instead of being nurtured and felt like what she does is important to the "team" she has been benched both physically and mentally.
There is a tremendous pressure put on the juniors that sub in for one play then sub out. Their mistakes are glaring since they are only in for that one play. I know, though, that because of the sheer talent of the "team" that Katie, and the other subs must take what they get and do the best they can do. I also feel that your team is only as good as your bench is.
Our mantra has always been, Do your best at whatever you do. We have always been proud of our daughter in all that she does and we praise her. But, I feel there should be some praise for ALL the players from the coach as well.
Well, I can't say if I feel totally better yet...but at least I got this off my chest.

Top Ten Issues in Coaching

No. 10 - Dealing with Frustration - or maybe this is better known as How to Communicate with your players effectively..if you're a yeller or screamer at your players - and that's the key phrase at your kids - then you're becoming obsolete..Why? because the vast majority of kids today DO NOT respond well to being belittled by their coachesÂ….most kids will NOT, repeat, will NOT rise to the challenge.they just end up hating you and will shrink from the task at end.

So, if you want to scream and yell, modify your approach so that you yell at the TEAM in general - not at an individual player. That's the key difference. It's much easier for the entire team to hear they're not making an effort than for an individual kid to be picked up and humiliated in front of his teammates.

Top Issue No. 9 - Make every possible effort to get everybody into the, this is a tough challenge for some coaches, but for others, it's easy yes, especially at the varsity level, you want to win.but the best coaches seem to understand that in order for the team to win, it helps dramatically if every kid - -even the second stringers - get a chance to break a sweat and get dirty, even if only for a few plays.

Why? Because it's hard to talk about how We're a TEAM if only a few kids play in the on the bench begin to lose interest, their self-confidence withers -after all, how good can they be if You, the coach, don't trust them to play them in the game and eventually, your entire program suffers because you get the reputation as favoring only a few kids

Coaches, trust me on this.find a way to get All your kids into the games .and not just when the score is lopsided.

Issue No. 8 - Learn how to Communicate with your players. That means You, as the coach, have to build a rapport with every kid on your to them one on one.let them feel free to give you ideas, feedback, etc.don't be afraid to let the kids make suggestions to you on how to use a certain player here or there.sometimes, the players know better than you do who should play where on the teamÂ.

I remember a player telling me that one of my outfielders - a kid who didn't play much - had a terrific knuckleball.I went to this outfielder, asked to see him pitch, and lo and behold, he was great.but he never came to me to volunteer that info, and I would have never have heard about it unless I had listened to his teammate.

ALSO be careful and precise with your words. Those youngsters live and die with what you say, so be very, very careful. Above all, never make a promise to a kid if you don't plan to carry it out that will absolutely ruin any trust or rapport the kid has for you .example: telling a kid he's going to play a lot in the next game, and then the kid gets in only briefly there's no reason to do that.

Issue No. 7 - Here's a tough one Parents should be treated with respect and with friendship-they are NOT to be avoided like the plague .Now, I know this can be very difficult for coaches .but the only thing that parents want from you are two things: 1) a few kind words about how their kid is doing, and 2) they may want to offer a coaching strategy or two.

My advice? Give the parent 5 minutes of your time, let them give you their advice, and give them a sincere smile. Sometimes, they may even have a good idea.but to be distant or aloof from these folks is a big, big mistake.

Also, always remember that parents rarely tend to be objective about their kids' abilities as athletes. But that being said, it's not your job to deflate the parent's dreams .don't worry - -when the time comes, the kid will either rise to the top, or they won' won't have to tell the parents the bad news.

And one last thing about parents. If they call you, make every effort to call them back within 24 hours.

Issue No. 6 - Make sportsmanship a key priority..don't just say and shrug, "Oh yeah, I guess we gotta shake hands after the game with the other team." Rather, teach your kids about the Golden Rule in Sports - treat your opponents the way you would like to be treated.

As a coach, praise the opponents and their efforts. Let your kids know that the other team is working hard, too. Teach your kids what's acceptable after they score, and what isn't. Let them know that running up a score is just not right .I still get angry when I hear about coaches letting kids run the score in a game in order to set a personal recordÂ….that stuff stinks!

Teach your kids how to win - and lose -- with class.

Issue No. 5 - Be careful with your words! You can never go wrong with praise, but you can really run into problems if you lash out at your kids and use words that cut right to the bone.

Sacrasm is really the worst enemy you can have. If you're a coach, don't try to be a comedian. Don't try and poke fun at your kids by using sarcastic remarks .kids, for the most part, won't respond to that. And by the way, remind your asst. coaches of the same philosophy.

Issue No. 4 - Don't try to be the player's best friend. He or she already has lots of friends. Your job is still to be an educator. You can talk to them, listen to them, and motivate them, but don't think for a second that you're on the same level with the kids. You're still a grown-up here, and you're being paid to act like an educator. So educate them - don't be part of their social world.

Issue No. 3 - "We're building for the future - -that's why I'm playing the younger kids over the seniors." that fair? At what point do you pull the plug on the seniors who have waited for their turn to play on the varsity? Is building for the future really part of the high school mentality, or is that better left to the pros and colleges?

From my vantage point, too many high school coaches think this is appropriate. This is wrong. It's not fair to the upperclassmen who have waited to get their playing time.

Issue No. 2 - Conditioning and safety .coach, what do you do if you find out that one of your kids is taking some legal but controversial nutritional supplements to his or her diet? Are you going to say anything to the kid? To their parents? Is that part of your job?

We have already learned about kids working out in the heat and have paid the price, sometimes with death. Now, at least, there are water breaks for the kids. But what about those situations where a kid is taking creatine, or ephedrine, or any other supplement that might seriously damage their health? Coach, what kind of responsibility do you have to that kid? Let me put it this way - suppose it was your kid?

Issue No. 1 -- - Discipline - Every coach on every team has to have some sort of team discipline. That's the easy part. The hard part is to trying to determine what kind of punishment should be handed out if a kid disobeys one of the rules.

Example: the coach says that if you're late to the pre-game meeting, then you sit out the first half of the game. No excuses accepted. Well, what happens if the kids are playing the biggest game of the year, and the star player is late for the pre-game meeting because he witnessed a car accident and he stopped to render some assistance to the injured people? Coach --- according to your rules, he sits out. Is that fair? Is that the kind of message you want to send to a kid who's a good Samaritan?

Top Ten Issues in Coaching Kids Today
September 30, 2001
The Sports Edge