January 25, 2006

The Kleptomatic Returns!

You may have heard me mention the "kleptomatic" before. Poor woman, bless her heart, has cancer and goes to the Cancer center for her radiation treatments, same as Dad. Poor gal has been seen by me, filling a bright red tote bag with the treats that are left in the kitchenette part of the Cancer center...Literally filling her tote with twinkies, ho ho's, granola bars, cookies...you name it!
Two weeks ago, I heard her mention that she had only 1 week left of radiation, that she would have one week off...then resume treatments the next week. That means she will be done this Friday.
Today, as I was getting coffee for Dad the Klepto (also affectionately called "one eye" by me) and who was looking at her lap, ordered me to "Take this paper (waved a scrap of paper around in air )and put it into my red bag!!", I glanced around and then realized she meant moi, as no one else was in the room. Okay, I say and get the paper and then casually...You mean this red tote bag here on your walker?? I act all innocent like and stuff. She nods and I open the bag, thrust in the paper and say, All Done! She says nothing. I smile as I leave because the damn bag is filled to bursting with goodies...again.

PS...Dad is doing well. He had bloodwork today(hgb...13.3...WBC...8...platelets...good...in fact most everything looked good) and a CT scan (no results yet) to see if the tumor is getting smaller yet. He had treatment 22 today out of 33 and the only concern I have is that he has an increased cough. But he had that before, about a week after his first chemo treatment...and then it subsided on about 2 weeks afterwards. We are on week one after his second chemo treatment so I am hoping for the same scenario.

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