January 20, 2006


I'm sitting here with my freshly washed hair in a turban and I'm sure it's drying to a fine looking bird nest. I'm listnening to Tom Waits and I'm wishing I could go back to bed and wake up like hours later and wear my pajamas all day and eat tapioca and watch movies about gross medical miracles and such.
Went to a BRAN (bike ride across Nebraska) meeting last night...mainly because hubby is the coordinator for the Cambridge stay this year. Yup...BRAN stops over in Cambridge on day 3 and then let the partay begin. It was quite interesting to mention all the "projects" people(non riders) could participate in. My favorite you ask? Bed a Biker. uhh huhhh You can "bed a biker" and charge for it. Or...you could not charge for it...just bed a biker out of the goodness of your heart. hmmmmm there are all kinds of giggles about this "project". I did kind of mention (in an aside) that a biker, after pedaling miles and miles and miles up and down and through hills and vales would not wish for any "bedding" for quite some time. In fact the only thing a biker(speaking from my own point of view entirely) wants between the legs when you are done with your ride is ... nothing.
Anyhoo...it's been busy week. Monday Andrew had a b-ball game and Tuesday Katie had a b-ball game and Wed Dad had chemo AND his 71st birthday and Thursday Andrew had a game and there was that BRAN meeting and tonight is another of Katie's games and tomorrow? The same. And work for me and Sunday? Freaking more b-ball games.
shit fire and hide the matches!! That busy schedule fails to mention...meanwhile I have to work, clean,make a donut, pull espresso, cook and plunge toilets all the while!
JOY!!!!...it's just like Disney land around here it's so fun.

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