February 27, 2006

?15 Miles

First bike ride of the season for me...outdoors that is. I've used my new trainer a few times. Can you believe it was 80 degrees today? Feb 28 and felt like an early summer morning. Cindy rode into my house and I was supposed to be ready but of course I wasn't. I needed to air up my tires and fill my water bottles and find a pair of sunglasses. I'd been trying on my bike gear and gagging through each one. Why can't they make loose shirts for fat girls on bikes. In fact, if I was a crafty kind of girl I would have a bike apparel store for women called...Big Clothes for Big Girls on Bikes. hee hee Anyways...I decided to leave off the water bottles (stoopid ass) and off we went. We stopped by my Mom and Dad's for my glasses (I thought I'd left them in his vehicle) but couldn't find them. Dad said, There's a pair of sunglasses someone left at the golfcourse in the front seat of my truck...go ahead and use them. So I found them and shaking my head, put them on. They were those big ass protective sunglasses that people who have cataract surgery wear. Seriously! Man did I look HOTT! My fat rolls were well enhanced by my tightly fitting bike garb and my entire head was engulfed by my new "block out the sun" sunglasses! Yayyyy let the ride begin.
Of course there was a head wind, gusty. But it felt good to be out working a bit. We went along the straight for a few miles (5?) and then turned back and traversed to Cindy's corner. All in all it was about 15 miles or so...I think. Doesn't really matter. The thought of BRAN looms on the horizon and I'm already thinking...can I do it? We will ride after work tomorrow if we can walk. hee hee

February 26, 2006

Katie Turns 17 Today

I took Katie and some of her friends on a prom dress tryathalon and mall razing. I desperately needed another old broad with me to counteract the young but it was not to be. After work, in the Durango(yes the one I hit a non moving brightly painted yellow post with) we set off. Me in the front driving...the rest...in the back. I was the antiyoung and to be avoided until the necessity for moolah reared it's ugly head. First stop...a bridal/prom dress/ shop....and when I say "shop" I mean micro sized shop that was swarming with young girls and tired old ladies with very empty pocketbooks. The girls tried on foofy dresses and slinky dresses and generally about every dress in that place. No takers though. Then it was off to the mall where I was quickly abandoned in Herbergers. There, I wandered around, found some jeans in size three axe handles and a shoebox wide that fit me(sadly) and stood in line to be checked out. As I stood there, the friendly clerk that was "checking" chatted it up with the customers in front of me. Catching up on all sorts of interesting news, long overdue I guess because the conversation began to stretch out and out and out and out and out and...meanwhile the other teensy tiny, blonde, wannabe perky, tightly panted with ass crack waving a generous HELLO clerk remained squatted right beside the cash register inserting one hanger after another hanger into a box. Yes, I know it's an IMPORTANT and VERY DIFFICULT job...hanger insertion...I mean you could very well PUT AND EYE OUT...dear God in heaven let it not happen today...but couldn't she have unraveled those legs, stood up, tucked her ass into her size 0 jeans and WAITED ON ME??!!
We ended up our shopping frenzy at a place called KINGS buffet...a Chinese place I'd never been to. The place was swarming with obesity, as most buffets are. We were shown a table, a Chinese lady took our drink order, which due to my poor hearing, I couldn't understand a word of what she said to us. Luckily the girls could. They immediately jumped up and headed over to the buffet. I soon followed, ducking a 400 pound man and a women with oxygen. There were over 100 items steaming on the hot tables. I quickly grabbed up some newly added stuff and went to our table. We had been eating about 5 minutes when the waitress came up, spoke to us, took my plate and left. As I was still chewing my food it took me a while to say...Wha? The girls laughed and shot Chinese food out their noses. We ended up getting there, eating, paying and leaving within a space of 10 minutes. Of course, I was still hungry and made a candy stop at a gas and heave along the way. Good thing for those new three axe handle jeans but maybe I should've bought size three axe handles and two shoebox wide.

February 25, 2006

Makes Scents To Me

Besides having a few "hurling squirts" Dad is feeling alright. Who knows what the gi upset could be related to. I think it could be narrowed down to: chemo, taco soup, oral meds, IV meds, SQ meds, stress and NO not my cooking!
Mark gave Dad his sq injections tonight as I was escorting Katie and some of her friends on a: prom dress tryonathon and mall run in Kearney. Tomorrow Katie is 17 years old. We will celebrate by eating at Mom and Dads for lunch.
I feel like my allergies have kicked in. I think from the perfume counter at Herbergers at the mall. Good God could they have MORE perfume out in samples for bored children to spray at will throughout the store??

February 24, 2006

Labs and Shots

Dad feels better...as far as the shoulder pain goes. He doesn't seem to be coughing as much either. The lovenox injections continue through this weekend as does the coumadin 5 mg po q day. He got his PT/INR checked today and his blood remains too "thick" yet. He will get his labs redrawn on Monday.
I am curious if anyone else has had trouble such as this after receiving Zymeta IVPB???

Bitch Posse Rides Again...sorta

Okay, here's a blast from the past.
I am going to play volleyball with some of the bitch posse again!
This could be a scene from hell.
Imagine if you will
A gym full of young strong talented women bumping, setting, spiking and serving volleyballs in their body hugging outfits. You can almost hear the slam of the ball as it strikes the floor. The whoops of joy at an ace serve.
Then imagine, if you will, a group of motley old broads with baggy shirts and big girl shorts clinging to their thundering thighs, wandering into the gym. Instantly you catch the scent of fried food and bengay. You think, are these the janitors? You walk up and as you get closer you notice margarita salt on the front of their sagging shirts. You hear something that sounds like an accordian...and then notice that it's just one of the woman breathing. You see this group of spider veined woman are sporting knee pads that have seen better days...not to mention the women. You get the picture?
Yah...only too well I'm afraid.

February 23, 2006

Pulmonary Emboli

Today, we went to see the oncologist, (who we didn't actually see but Dad had blood work drawn at the clinic where the DR. does work) and good news, for the most part...his labs were good...Although...his WBC count was a bit high at 19. No symptms of infection that we are aware of...Although he has had this severe shoulder pain. We think he pulled a muscle while pulling back his new compound bow...or we blame it on the IV injection of Zymeta he received on Monday, 1 week ago.
Okay...so we are off for a CT scan at the Hospital now. Dad has been NPO since 1030. Oddly, he gets in right away and the scan takes only about 15 minutes. We have time to eat before the next appointment! We go to Perkins and I have a damn good crispy chicken sandwich there. So much for the diet. Dad gets...as ALWAYS...the 55 plus traveler with extra bacon. Mom gets a plate of seafood the size of my ass. We graze. At 1:30 we leave Perkins and get to our scheduled appointment at the Radiologist, which is at the Cancer Center. We wait approximately 1 hour and then we get in. Dad weighs in at 170 (where he has remained for quite some time). Dr listens to Dad's lungs and pronounces them "clear" which shocks the hell out of me as I could not hear a thing on either side when I listened yesterday. The Dr. also offers Kenolog lotion for the treatment of Dad's radiation burn which has manifested itself on his left scapular area. The area is slightly red and the skin is dry and itchy...otherwise...no problems. The Dr of Radiology now dismisses my Dad and says That's All Folks! And leaves us in the care of our oncologist. We say See Ya! and blast off toward home.
We stop at a grocery store about 40 minutes out of town and stock up on veggies and meat and cheese and fresh fruits.
Finally we get home. I walk in the door and see my son Alec on the phone. I get on, and my hubby says, The Oncologist nurse called and your Dad has small PE in his right lung. He needs Luvonox injections and a PT/INR drawn at the hospital and then he is to start on Coumadin(blood thinner). I stand there with my mouth hanging open thinking...WHY DID THAT BASTARD DR LISTEN TO MY DAD'S LUNGS AND SAY...CLEAR...HOW DOES THAT MAN SLEEP AT NIGHT??!!
I call Mom. She tells me that the oncologists nurse left an answering machine message that states: Larry, according to the radiologist(overread of the CT scan) you have some clots in your right lung and you need to be hospitalized and we will get a bed ready for you at Good Samaritan in Kearney...1 1/2 hours away...where we JUST GOT BACK FROM!!!!!!
Mom and then I talked to Dr. Lewis and she stated that Dad could stay home, rest and take injections and oral blood thinner and that we were to call if he had any increased SOB or pain or blood in this sputum. She stated that Yes, Dad's shoulder pain was indeed related to blood clots in his lung. huh
What a day.
I took the lovenox prescription from Mark, gave Dad his sq shot and then went home to give my kid Tylenol, make supper, do dishes and bite fingernails.

Dad's troubles started after that Zymeta infusion. Mom and I both think that is the cause of these clots.

Now...bloodwork on Friday, Monday and Wednesday...it's chemo time again.

February 21, 2006

Another Day Another Donut

Busy day, maybe long day is best how to say it.
Early morning freight, which you all know is one of my favorite things to do...next to drinking meal replacement shakes that is.
Petie looks guilty everytime I look at him.
Something is up people. He is hiding something...and what could it be??
Hmmmmm perhaps a Petie turd? or better yet...maybe he got into Pickles litter box looking for a creative way to get fiber into his diet.
If I find it and you know I will...I'm going to wrap it up in a festive box with a bright shiny ribbon and then I'm going to write:

TO: Shelley
From: Yur Friend

Because Shelley...is a mean little woman when she is bored and out of beer. Man...I wonder if she will feel bad when I tell her that my car wouldn't start after she SCOTCH TAPED MY KEYS to my teethbrush, a roll of athletic tape, and a jingle bell and then encased the whole works inside a coccoon of pharmacy tape suspending the entire object from a doorjam.

Probably not.

Anyway...I lied...my car started...then. It's only NOW that my car is still at my folks house flashing THEFT ALERT THEFT ALERT THEFT ALERT and not starting.

Another bright note in a day that was just RIDDLED with brightness.

February 20, 2006

Nothing Funny Here

I haven't felt like posting much. Just busy, and thinking that even the 5 or 10 minutes I waste doing it could be spent in other ways. Jogging would be good, or even walking or maybe just napping...eating...would be nice but that's another story. I totally supersucked at my diet the past few days. That back pain was a wonderful good appetite suppressant but couldn't I just NOT EAT! Wouldn't that be easier? Ahh well.
Much of the past few days has been dedicated to basketball. Andrew and Alec had an all day tournament on Saturday...by all day I mean from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm. Sunday, we traveled to Loomis, about 1 hour away for more b-ball.
Because we just can't get enough! Can you comprehend that fact?!
Sunday morning I took all the Valentine decorations down at the shop and redecorated with St. Patrick green. That took me about 3-4 hours believe it or not. Then, it was time to do to Loomis. Mom and Dad went with us. Andrew and Alec played at the same time, different gyms. My timing sucked too. Everytime I went into the "other" gym my kid was done playing.
Today, Dad was having shoulder joint pain so after I opened up the shop I went to their house and did some of Moms housework while I tried to figure out what was going on with Dad. I never really did figure it out. We may have to call the oncologist tomorrow. We are going there on Wed for another CT scan, bloodwork, check up with the oncologist and radiologist anyway but I don't understand this pain. Could it be pleural effusion pain? Radiation induced? Chemo related? Arthritis? A fart crossways?
Seems like the days just fly by.
I am occasionally dreaming of a vacation in the mountains or an island.

February 19, 2006

Radiation Burn

I think.
Suddenly, after the radiation is done for 1 week, Dad developed a "burn" about the size of a hand on his back, the left side. He says it doesn't hurt...just itches.
We go on Wednesday to have bloodwork, CT scan and see the oncologist and radiologist once again.
3 chemo left...as of yet.

February 16, 2006

Snow Thank You

My outside wind chimes are ding donging around so much it sounds like a perpetual avon lady is waiting on my doorstep.
Snow, perhaps tonight.
Today I finally packed away my collection of snowmen and my Christmas village.
I cleaned all day.
And...I got one room done.
one room
Insignificant little drop in the bucket that is.

February 14, 2006


Dad received a dose of IVPB Zymeta after getting his bloodwork drawn here in Cambridge. He tolorated the prodedure well with mild heartburn the only side effect so far. The bloodwork was good, showing most all labs in normal range...the exception, calcium which was only .6 out of the range.
Weight is stable at around 170, appetite...fair...everything tastes crappy he says. Occasionally coughing...nothing too bad.
And he still has hair!

February 11, 2006


Dad hasn't been taking his Lasix or Potassium and is only taking his TJN's(twin jet nebulizor treatments) prn (as needed). He feels his legs aren't as edematous, and they aren't and that the TJN's were making him cough more.
Ethel, one of Dad's chemo nurses called on Thursday and said that Dad had to have an IV treatment of some sort (mom couldn't remember) to "make his bones stronger). I think it has something to do with an elevation in his serum Calcium level. His is 1 point higher than it should be. Anyway...the thing is, the centrifuge was down at the office where they drew his blood and they had to ship his blood over to the hospital for a read, so the lab was different and I'm not sure I agree with treating him without another blood draw first.
So....we are supposed to go to our hospital on Monday, mid morning and get his IV treatment of some sort.
We'll see. I may have to make some phone calls first.

February 10, 2006

Funny Thing Happened Today...NOT

After I got off work I cripped home. Since school was out for the day I expected an extra kid or two and I was not surprised. As I opened the front door I saw two little nose miners sitting on my couch and they didn't belong to me. They were, however, totally engrossed in a movie that was blaring loud and clear and they were watching...BAND CAMP. Of course I didn't know that when I opened the door...I just saw a part of the movie with a strategically placed hat...I immediately asked, loudly and incredulously, What are you watching!? While wondering, Who the hell are you?? and Whose parents will I have to call now? And then, after taking 5 steps into the house, noticing who the kids were and then asking...Where is Andrew? after noticing he was not around. And then I began trying to turn the show off. The kids answered, Band Camp and they said, Andrew said we could watch it...surprised I would dare to turn it off. Where is the hostest with the mostest I asked? Upstairs they indicated. I hollored up the stairs for Andrew to come down and take the DVD off the TV ASAP as I couldn't seem to operate the damn DVD player. Andrew came down, said, Sorry, that isn't my DVD so it's Katies fault. Katie stated, That is NOT my DVD...it's so and so's...I borrowed about a month ago and forgot to give it back...blah blah blah de blah blah.
Suddenly, I was the only one in the room...except for Petie.
I followed the empty glasses around the rooms...no one.
They were all outside playing football...with something...I'm not sure I want to know.

...and these kids have almost every Friday off from now until school is out.

good grief

February 09, 2006

Back Again

Nothing can compare to the scent of browning hamburger and Bengay. Nothing except, of course, a sumo wrestler...but that's another story.
In other words...my back is O U T. I think the combo of riding in the car for those 3 hour stints added to frequent bleacher ass is finally taking it's toll. I feel the best when I walk bent over at the waist as if I were looking at the ground. Mark quite enjoys my new comfort position.
I cannot wait to try and work tomorrow.
Dollar Mark Burger Day.
Mayyyybeeee we won't be busy though.
And maybe I can use a wheelchair to bring the meals up from the back room.

Here's A Valentine Gift That Will Go Over


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February 08, 2006

Too Tired

to post.
cept this...

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Chemo Numero 3

We left for Kearney about 7 am in order to get Dad's radiation treatment done before his chemo appointment. This time he got in and out of the radiology department quickly. We left for the oncologists office immediately and upon arrival, Dad got his bloodwork done. As we waited in the room for the NP(nurse practitioner) to come in and examine Dad and ask the same damn questions he just answered for the radiology nurses I heard the lab wench say that the centrifuge was not cooperating.
Oh boy.
Let me guess.
Yes, another delay.
The NP came in and asked all the same question her nurse just asked that resembled the questions that the radiology nurse just asked and guess what?
The answers were the same.
Then...we were told that Dad's bloodwork would have to be taken over to the hospital and that we would have time for "breakfast" and to come back in 45 minutes.
We went to Micky D's and Dad ate apple pies and and an egg, bacon McMuffin and coffee. Mom nibbled that stuff too. I got a diet Coke.
When we returned we waited for awhile and another while and yet more whiles. Finally, the good news: The bloodwork is okay!
Let the chemo begin!
Dad was premedicated with Prednisone and Benedryl for the last 24 hours in preparation for this chemo treatment as he has reacted the last 2 times. Did it work?
HE STILL REACTED. Breathing shutting down, flushing, coughing...just not as bad as the 2 previous times.
shit fire and hide the fucking matches
After an IV dose of Solu Medrol he was fine and fit as a fiddle and able to take the poison aka cure from hell Taxol.
Mom and I left to do a few errands when Dad relaxed and started to doze and she returned some pants at Walmart and I wandered around buying a new curling iron, forgetting the very important item...hair dye, getting Mark orange and black shorts and a new black shirt that says basketball, and piling a sack of some kind of freaky trail mix into my cart.
We brought Dad a chocolate shake from Sonic and waited for the chemo to be done. Finally around 4:30 he was free from IV lines and we were out the door. Dad felt great and off to the wild blue yonder we flew.

How come when Dad gets chemo I'M THE ONE EXHAUSTED!??

Tomorrow...the last radiation treatment and then we don't have to go to Kearney for 2 whole weeks!

Holy SHIT!

February 07, 2006

Shake This!

Today started at 5am as usual and my doesn't the world look lovely at 5 freaking am. Of course I accidentally ate a day old donut. My excuse? It was the only one left, it was lonely, I didn't think, I was just passing by and it fell into my mouth, it was PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING and I couldn't just throw that away could I??? That started my day off with a sumbitch and a damnit. The next several hours are blurs of laughter and pain. Cindy Sue laughing at me while I kept getting hurt at work. That byotch! Some examples of my injuries are as follows: the "drug delivery guy" RAMMED into my right calf with his cart and said, Oh did that hurt and laughed!! I said, Well, I know my legs are the size of REA poles but YES THAT FUCKING HURT YOU IDIOT BOY!!! Not really but I thought it. I did give him the dreaded Stagemeyer look and to my delight he got the hell out of the shop and left. Loser. Next, as I was cleaning up the shop a sign fell off and practically pushed my eyeball out the backside of my head. No problem, I can see just fine. I got one other eye don't I??
The whole time I was getting injured, Cindy was LAUGHIN HER ASS OFF! Not only was she laughing she was whipping up something in the blender that looked suspiciously like a goddamn meal replacement shake. Sure enough, as soon as the blender stopped she poured that shit into a cup, tapped the table with a spoon and said, Come and get it! Your lunch is ready!
Sooooo I drank the rank tasting vile crap shake. It tasted like chalk, milk, water and that gooey paste you use in kindergarten. Which, by the way, are indeed, the main ingredients in meal replacement shakes.
In other news:
Well, the junior high boys basketball team looked a LITTLE different today. Kind of like it was the first game of the year. Andrew did not have a good game at all, compared to how he has been doing. Anyway, at the end of the 3rd quarter it was like...8 to 30 with us at 8. We ended up coming close but at the end it was us 38(ish) and them 45(ish).

Graduating From Radiation Soon

Today Dad and I saw about 3,000 snow geese east of Axtell. Most had their downy asses planted in a corn field but some were hovering above the land all in a long white row. I wish I'd brought my camera. There was a light dusting of snow last night and the geese sure blended in to the rough stalks of corn and plowed land.
We had to wait for Dad's radiation treatment for over an hour today which is not the norm. The cancer center had extra patients as they were helping out another place where the machines were down. The waiting room was full of new people. No one we knew for once. Funny, now we are the "old timers" there. We know where the goodies are, how to make the coffee, how to use the new computer terminal and sign in. We know the look of the newly diagnosed, the silence they wear in their eyes, the weight of papers they carry inside their new "living with cancer" guidebook. We know who the workers are and the ambulance drivers and the radiation tech's. We know that turtledove nest above the cancer center doorway and that once should never look up when entering. We know the men's bathroom can "lock itself" when empty and that you have to use a butterknife to get it open. There are no keys.
It might feel strange not going to the treatments. Kind of like we are not doing enough. We will have 4 more chemo treatments though. Next one on Wednesday. Hopefully the pre treatment of Prednisone and Benedryl will stop the annoying allergic reaction dad has - not breathing.

February 06, 2006

I Got A New Dawg! Sundog That Is...

Photo taken on Sunday coming home from Elm Creek basketball tourney. Doesn't look like an empty field does it? Reminds me of an ocean.

February 05, 2006

Take Me To A Liquor Store and Pick Me Up Tomorrow

Don't ask about the diet for this weekend please.
Concession stand lunches AND suppers are quite conducive to bigg ass bleacher butt.
Yesterday consisted of basketball from Southern Valley(Andrew had a junior high tournament starting at 10 am) to North Platte (Katie had a game). You do the math.
I have to say that I am surprised at how well Andrew is doing at basketball. I credit the coach for inspiring him. Andrews always been one who was "on the fringe". Just almost there but not quite. And if Andrew doesn't do something well...he just doesn't want to do it at all. This year Andrew stepped out on a limb...and I think it's because he respects the coach and he wants to do well for him. This coach has accomplished pulling together and harnessing his run and gun hot shots into a team (at least by my eyes at this last few games). He seems to be a coach who thinks about sports as another way to teach. Wow. What a thought. The mind boggles. Coaching...teaching...coaching...teaching...my GOD could they go together??! Could teamwork apply to life?
In other news...Mom is getting better...kind of...I don't have the crud yet...Dad doesn't have the crud yet...Mark is better except for his horrific hack hack hack hack that is driving me INSANE, the kids are getting better, except for the fact that Andrew had to run like the wind to get to the toidy right after his game this afternoon and was filling our vehicle with RANK air all the way home from Elm Creek today (oh yah...we had basketball games at Elm Creek today) and if I had any amount of energy at all...a midnight lysol, merlot run would be on my list of things to do.

February 03, 2006

Slappity Slap Slap

So...The Diet...is going to get a hell of a bitch slap tonight. I hate that party pooper. I think I lost about 2 or 3 pounds...but hey, we all know, if you are a woman, that 2 or 3 pounds are like...pfftttt...nothing. I mean I can gain that in a nanosecond of sniffing a Betty Crocker cook book. AND worse yet, we all know that a MAN can lose like 15 pounds by taking a dump. That really pisses me off. Just to be a bitchwad I am making a wish. I wish for all men to be constipated until I lose a lot of weight. And by a lot...I don't mean 2 or 3 pounds. I'm talking MORE than a lot.
So far, though, I've grazed on chips and leftover Rocket pizza. I didn't eat supper earilier and of course, didn't have a meal replacement shake because I HATE THOSE DAMN THINGS! So now, I of NO WILLPOWER, am in full force snack mode.
Everyone in my house is sick. The coughing, sneezing, hacking, mucous spewing, bronchial spraying, nose miners AND Mark is also displaying signs of disease. Mom, just came down with a terrible cough, sore throat and feels like shitcake. Dad and I are, knock on wood, okay. I have a very bad feeling that Dad will get this crap. He's supposed to take a chemo treatment on Wednesday so I hope he is not sick. I went over to their house tonight and warmed upa little soup for Mom, gave her a pill or two, made coffee, toast and watched Mom shiver and cough and feel terrible and Dad...he was gabbing non stop on the phone and seemed quite perky. I felt like dog shit because we were busier than a one legged man at a hopping contest today. I was so tired I fell asleep sitting up while Mark was talking to me. I guess that means I was tired...(not bored...eeeek!).
After a nap of about 2.4 minutes I went to the shop and worked on some freight and made some signs and put stuff places and priced some junk when I got done, I noticed that it was raining a bit.
I wish it would pour buckets.
Tomorrow morning Andrew has a b-ball tourney at Southern Valley...about 40 minutes away. And after that is done...hopefully not to terribly late we have to hightail it to North Platte for Katie's ball games...NP is about 1 1/2 hours away from Cambridge.

February 02, 2006

2006 BRAN Route!

5 Radiation Treatments Left

Dad had his bloodwork drawn on Wednesday and everything looked good. All normal ranges. We talked to the Radiologist and saw the most recent PET scan. The tumor seems to have a shrunk a bit and his airway is not as compromised. I was a bit shocked at the size the tumor appeared to be...but I'm not sure I "got it" right either. The Dr. haphazardly held up the scan as he was reading and talking and I was busy listening and then I didn't want to ask him to repeat anything. Doc says we are right on target and that Dad will be done with radiation next Thursday...unless Dr. Lewis( the oncologist)advises us differently.
Dad has chemo on Feb 8th and then he will be halfway done. So far...he feels great! He's even able to cut down on his breathing treatments.
Everyone in town has severe colds, coughs, bronchitis etc. I hope he doesn't get it. But what can you do? It's everywhere.

February 01, 2006

Moon Drops

Okay, so I went for a walk tonight and the stars were beeutifullll! The moon on the other hand was a bit intimidating! Here I was, out for a walk, in the cold, looking like a fat girl out for a walk in the cold, and I turn to the west and what do I see? The giggling moon. I'm totally serious. There was this big ass grin all over the western sky. No eyes, no nose...just that big yellow Cheshire cat grin going on. As I was walking I suddenly felt something hit my head..just a light little tap. I looked around and saw no one or anything out of the ordinary. I Felt the top of my head and it felt fine. Then, I saw a plane flying overhead and all I could think of was...OH My God...it's plane piss/shit toidy flushing crust that fell onto my head. All the way from up there...missing everything else...and hitting...the top of my head. gag

gross gross gross

Okay...I was trying to find a picture on google of the way the moon looked last night...and I found Hillbilly Moon Explosion instead. Check them out!

Anyway...I have to "weigh in" tomorrow and YIKES!!! I haven't had a damn meal replacement shake yet. Tonight is Marks birthday bash and I've got steaks to make, garlic bread and a salad to munch on. yahhhhh...but NOT a meal replacement shake...not yet....someday maybe.

But I do loves those Spark drinks. yummy
I have grape and mandarin orange and cherry.