February 20, 2006

Nothing Funny Here

I haven't felt like posting much. Just busy, and thinking that even the 5 or 10 minutes I waste doing it could be spent in other ways. Jogging would be good, or even walking or maybe just napping...eating...would be nice but that's another story. I totally supersucked at my diet the past few days. That back pain was a wonderful good appetite suppressant but couldn't I just NOT EAT! Wouldn't that be easier? Ahh well.
Much of the past few days has been dedicated to basketball. Andrew and Alec had an all day tournament on Saturday...by all day I mean from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm. Sunday, we traveled to Loomis, about 1 hour away for more b-ball.
Because we just can't get enough! Can you comprehend that fact?!
Sunday morning I took all the Valentine decorations down at the shop and redecorated with St. Patrick green. That took me about 3-4 hours believe it or not. Then, it was time to do to Loomis. Mom and Dad went with us. Andrew and Alec played at the same time, different gyms. My timing sucked too. Everytime I went into the "other" gym my kid was done playing.
Today, Dad was having shoulder joint pain so after I opened up the shop I went to their house and did some of Moms housework while I tried to figure out what was going on with Dad. I never really did figure it out. We may have to call the oncologist tomorrow. We are going there on Wed for another CT scan, bloodwork, check up with the oncologist and radiologist anyway but I don't understand this pain. Could it be pleural effusion pain? Radiation induced? Chemo related? Arthritis? A fart crossways?
Seems like the days just fly by.
I am occasionally dreaming of a vacation in the mountains or an island.

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George said...

My wife is a breast cancer survivor, and I can remember back when she had chemo and radiation that she was super sensitive to pain.

6 pound weight loss? Good stuff:-)