March 01, 2006

Days and Daze

It's...chemo in Kearney we leave at 8 a.m. and get back home around 6pm/Alec has to accoylyte for communion tonight/I'm supposed to help decorate the locker room, bus etc for the girls state b-ball send off/maybe bake some cookies or something/should go to church tonight day.

Unable to compute that.

Yesterday was...make the donuts earlier than usual/it's early morning FREIGHT/put away the early morning freight/busier than a cat covering up crap at work/ride the bike 16 miles/try to play volleyball/car sounds like popcorn/bake 6 dozen cookies for an order/help your son until midnight with his

When will it be...sleep in/eat what you want/wear your pajamas 'til noon/watch a movie/read a book/scratch/yawn/take a nap/eat a snack/go to bed day?

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