March 04, 2006

Explanations re chemo 4

Well, chemo number 4 pulled no surprises really. First we got to the office, had Dad's bloodwork drawn and waited. We expected the PT/INR to be high and boy was it...still spinning without clotting at 8. The lab came in and drew another tube and sent it to the hospital for clarification as their machine only goes up to 8. The oncologist want's Dad's INR to be around 2(ish).
After the okay to go ahead with the chemo they got Dad's IV started and the NP decided to hydrate him first with a little "saltine"(saline solution) as Dad calls it. Also they would give his Solu-Medrol right before they dripped the toxic waste through his veins. They hoped this would help aleviate his "reaction" to the Taxol. Well, of course, it didn't. Only this time his nurse get his fact she was too slow to suit me and I had to get angry and yell a bit and cause a scene. Damnit! They should've had that benedry drawn up and taped to the IV bag. I sure as hell would have if I knew a patient usually had a reaction. GAAAAGGHGHHGGHHG that pissed me off! The nurses also checked an o2 sat...which they never had before and of course it was < 85. They put on O2 at 2 liters per nasal cannula as well. The "reaction" lasted about the length of time it usually does. Soon afterwards one of the chemo nurses came up and said...That's the last chemo you are getting it's too dangerous. THAT PISSED ME OFF TOO!! It was like...You have been a bad boy and since it's too much trouble to give you chemo we are not going to give you any more! I asked her...who has decided this? Because the Dr. wasn't even in house. They called the Dr. I guess. I said...We are not going to "quite" giving chemo because of this. We may quit this kind but we are not going to just give up on the chemo if Dad needs it! She agreeed with me and then she said, Well, maybe the Dr. will look at the records and try it again or blah blah blah. And I thought yah...maybe she just will...or maybe we will just go somewhere else!!!
All in all...we left home about 8 am and got home around 8:30 pm as the rest of the med had to be dripped in slowly. It was a long day for everyone. Mom felt kind of sick and fluish. HOpe she will not get that crud.
Dad needs to get his PT/INR drawn on Friday and he will await instructions re his coumadin then. Right now it's on hold. He got a vitamin K shot and a Neulastin shot right after his chemo.

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