March 06, 2006

Girls Scout Cookies Cause A Fall

Dads blood appears to have become a bit more "thick" and that is good. No worries about a paper cut now. His coumadin is at 2.5mg po q day and he gets his regular cbc check on I imagine they will check a PT/INR too.

Bad note...Mom fell down on the hard pavement of her back porch. She was on her way to water her rooster and was hurrying back inside because she saw a car turn into her drive and thought it was the girl scout she had ordered cookies from.
Yes...I said rooster as in A rooster. Mom and Dad have one chicken and lucky for's a cock a doodle doing rooster.

She has a metal plate and so many screws inside, her x-rays look like a hardware store. She had a spinal fusion in 1988.

Anyway, they came over for supper tonight and it looked like Mom was a hurting unit. She didn't eat much and that is not like Mom. She probably needs to be seen in the clinic and have an x-ray tomorrow.

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