March 29, 2006

News in Brief

Dad had chemo today and it went well.
The wind is blowing like a five dollar ho.
My fingernails are nil.
I'm growing zits as fast as I'm going gray.
I NEED to clean my house...deep clean my house.
I hate my hair.
I love SweeTart Ropes.
I forgot to go to church tonight.
I got new bike clothes in the mail.
They cling to my fat rolls like the dust clings to my ceiling fans.


I just finished reading My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Piccoult...god it was good...but it got me to thinking about the scare we had with Alec and his leg bone tumor. In fact, it threw me totally back into the ER the night we found the tumor...the feelings of total fear, sickness just came back like they'd never went away. I don't think, actually, that particular fear will every go away. Alec is due for a check up. A one year check up...tumor free...this April. His awesome super dooper surgeon...died this last summer. I read about it at the State Swim Meet. I just opened up the Omaha World Herald and I saw his obituary in the paper. He had prostrate cancer. That was a shock and a half.

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shenry said...

Oh, wow. Tumors and cancers have really been messing with you guys lately. Stay strong.