April 30, 2006

Prom 2006...I know you care!

winkity wink wink...or...my hair is in my eye!

I LOVE heels!

Is it a tootsie roll? or has Pissin Pete been leaving a trail?

How many damn pictures will it take??

April 26, 2006

Let The Day Begin!!

Took Dad up for chemo today...he had "The Shortstack" he likes to call it. Just 2 bags of toxic waste coursing through his veins instead of the usual 4 or so. He tolerated it fairly well. He looks good and appears to be feeling well.
AFter I got home I immediately started to clean my sty. Starting with my bedroom...and then moving on to do the upstairs bathrooms. EVerything from mopping to swabbing the pot.
CAN'T THEY AIM BETTER!!?? I mean, hell...There's only 1 HOLE! How can they miss??

I moved my huge gargantuan King sized bed from one end of my room to the other...this lead to me moving my huge gargantuan dresser and then dressing table...and my hope chest...and then I had to sort out "bad" undies from "good" undies and I threw out a bunch of big ass mammy panties and kept some slinkers from days gone by to inspire me to work on decreasing my ass size.
I doubt it'll work. I'll probably be scrubbing those ole faded, elastically challenged raggedy assed mammy's every night by the light of the moon and throwing them up to the ceiling fan to dry during the night.

My back hurts now.These pieces of furniture were my grandma Paisley's and they are HEAVY mofo chunks of wood. I was grunting like a sumo wrestler and looking like one too...damnit!

In other news...Alec just informed me that he want to dress up like Lemony Snickett character...Count Olaf...tomorrow and needs a suit coat, blue pin striped pants and dippity doo, Katie is crabby because I run off her man, Andrew is back, stinking up the place cuz he's been shooting hoops all night, my bedding is still hours away from being washed, dried and fluffed, and...I need to brush my teeth, do the dishes, take out the trash and feed the dog and clean the parrot....vacuum, empty the dishwasher, match socks...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!

Well dip me in mustard and call me hot dog...let my night begin.


Dad had chemo today. Just the pre med of Decadron and then the Taxotere. Since there weren't as many bags of meds...Dad called it the "Shortstack Chemo" He tolerated it just fine. No nausea this time. We ate at Perkins and he had the 55 Plus Traveler...his "regular" meal. Dad's hair is growing at a remarkable rate...not coming in curly, black or weird at all. Silver, just like before the chemo.
Mom and I left Dad at the clinic and went to Minnards to pick up a respirator mask with a filter and goggles so Dad could mow without breathing in the dirt and other things that fly in the air around his yard. I told him to just get a space suit...!
Dad's PT/INR was around 5.2...high as usual. The Dr. ordered Vitamin K 2.5mg every day AND Coumadin 2.5mg (the dose he has been taking) !!
How STUPID! Isn't that like taking Milk of Magnesia AND Immodium AD I asked??!! Why take 2 pills when you can just lower the dose and take 1?? Why not just lower the dose to 1.5mg like Mark and I have wanted him to be on from the get go!!!!! I argued with the nurse a bit...of COURSE the Dr. wasn't around. I just feel that this order is totally off and I don't agree with it!!!! Dad doesn't want to rock the boat but I HATE THIS ORDER!!!!!! It pissed me off. Can you tell?

I just got off the phone with Mom and she said Dad has terrible loose stools. I visited with Mark(he was at the pharmacy) and we hopefully we will get that taken care of with some metamucil or some type of bulk.
Rats...I was hoping he could tolerate this med without any trouble. I guess there are so many people who have worse symptoms we should thank our lucky stars.

April 21, 2006

16 miles

Shit...flat tire/tube again.
My ass must be too big for my tires to hold up.

April 20, 2006

Call Me Dusty, Busty and Crusty

and I shall answer.


Because I bike...in the wind...my clothes and hair are covered in a fine grit. I look tan because I am covered in dirt. My teeth...I look like I have just the front upper left one...the others...covered with mating bugs.

Yes...this is the life. Riding a bike is an easy way to save on gas, finding a parking space is ever so easy and why spend high dollars on micro dermabrasion to the face. Because the way this mofo wind blows all you have to do is pedal into a head wind for a few miles and your face is sandblasted as smooth as a newborn babies ass. Except for the permanant crows feet that are painted onto the corners of your eyes with tears, snot and road grit. Sort of a road bike tattoo.

My allergies are now kicking my ass sumo wrestler style and I feel the wedgie of a lifetime calling out my name.

28 (but I wanna and am gonna call it 30)

Call Me...Dusty, Busty or Crusty...I'll answer to any or all.

god I hate a wind...Especially a burning nose down to the lungs head wind. One that drives the pollen straight to the point of no return.

Direct HIT...SCORE!!!!
We have allergies....ALERT...ALERT....ALERT!
We are now moving to ORANGE. Please fasten your seatbelt, do not pass go and DO NOT I repeat DO NOT squeeze the Charmin!

The wind was not only cool but the wind was windy today and mostly pointed in our faces and the tail wind home was an occasional corner wind with a few pats on the back and mostly a fierce growl and snarl down our auditory canals leaving us slightly deaf and painfully sore, coughing and with snot leaking across our dried and shriveling faces...Faces scored by mating bugs, dried and crusted tears and saliva in fine thin threads flying out of our mouths and littering the air above us with gleaming streaks.

Yes...Biking is a glamorous sport. One I highly recommend for snooty bitches and uppity wenches like me and Cindy.

Today...we did find one treasure. A clamp that Cindy Sue knew the real name for and that looked like a GIGANTIC clothes pin that maybe the Yao Ming could use to hang his boxer shorts up with.

Tomorrow...Cindy Sue and I work...and the wind is supposed to be...nil.

Even my ass muscles hurt(what I got that is)


April 19, 2006

Dust Me Off and Call Me Summer Mummy

Wind, tornado like escorted us to Kearney for another chemo day extraorinaire. We saw the oncologist, listened to the CT results (mostly improved), got dad hooked up, juiced up, fed and came home. The wind was sooo bad on the way there that we couldn't even see the road at times. It was like driving in a severe blizzard. Totally out of the dirty thirties.
After we got home I was exhausted. As usual, dad gets chemo...I get tired. Soon after we got home I went to the shop to do some closing stuff and...did I tell you we got a parrot now? It's a 20 year old parrot that was most recently living at the nursing home and prior to that...at the local newspaper. His name is Boots. He will be staying up in the loft part of our shop...the pharmacy billing department per se. Anyway...he says a few phrases and he wolf whistles like a deranged sex pervert. I think Shelley may teach him to say very very naughty words. I fear for the customers. I hope he lives as if he continues to whistle and holler....the girls may tie a bag over his sweet little green head.
Anyway, when I got to the shop, the phone rang and it was mom...telling me that dad was throwing up.
DAMN...he has gotten along so well with his chemo.
Except for that almost stopping breathing thing those four times.
He tells me it's because he ate too much for lunch...which I know for a fact...is probably true because mom and I brought his this huge bacon burger, fries and a chocolate shake which he totally ate...but still...nausea, diarrhea, vomiting are all side effects of his chemo too.
I'll check on him later...I took him his anti nausea meds and some 7-up.
The kids are playing baseball or something.
Mark is at work.
No one has eaten supper and it's...after 7:30.
The laundry hamper is over full and reeking.
No socks are matched.
The house is FULL of dust.
I have no desire to fix any of the above.
Welcome to summer life...already.

On The Road

On our way to Kearney in a few minutes for Dads chemo treatment. He had a CT scan last Wed and we get the results today.
Nerve wracking really...waiting for results.
What next.
This may be dads last chemo or it may not...
He wants a cigarette so bad he can't hardly stand it.
Good thing he never tried crack or cocaine...maybe

April 16, 2006

See? See? Whad I Tell Ya...??

Shirley K's Coffee Shops claim to fame is...Homer Simpson??

Can you see Homer? Not the Virgin Mary, not Jesus, nooooo not that.
Homer Simpson. How proud we are. How puffed up and vain. Should we bronze the roll and place it in a display case? Should we dunk it in coffee and eat it? Should we sell it on E-bay for cold hard cash?

Wait Until You See This...Doi!

I found a recipe for "Canadian Beaver Tails" and are they tasty sweet! In case you didn't know...it's something you eat...no not that...it's a type of fried Crispie... Anyway...not now, but soon, I'm going to post a picture of a "miracle" of fried dough. Yes...you guessed it...Homer Simpson. We made a Canadian Beaver Tail that looks just like Homer Simpson!!

E-bay watch out for this one!!!

April 15, 2006

20 Miles

Another ride in. A beautiful day although biking after a Friday at the shop...was tiring. My allergies weren't so bad, my legs felt pretty strong and I only thought...what the hell am I torturing myself for?? a couple of times. Cindy and I cut our ride short as I had to get to church...but we could have gone on longer.
I have to get my BRAN registration sent in sometime soon.

April 13, 2006

33 Miles and Burn Your Tongue Beef Jerkey

Go well together.
Cindy and I biked another 33 miles today.
I'm really too tired to write in much detail...but I will say...headwind, hills, bug on tooth, scum on teeth, thirsty, pain in side, traffic, sunburned, tired, maybe not going to get into very good riding shape for BRAN, tired...tired...tired...

33 Miles and Burn Your Tongue Beef Jerkey

Go well together.
Cindy and I biked another 33 miles today.
I'm really too tired to write in much detail...but I will say...headwind, hills, bug on tooth, scum on teeth, thirsty, pain in side, traffic, sunburned, tired, maybe not going to get into very good riding shape for BRAN, tired...tired...tired...

33 Miles

Another 33 miler today. The weather was PERFECT!!
Perfect if you like wind in your face at tornadic speeds and spirals of dirt, pollen and bugs sticking to your teeth making you look like you sport ONE instead of the usual number.

Actually...it was only head wind going the and when we turned at around 16 miles out...we had an occasional tail wind...but still.

YIKEs...I got burned and had a pain in my side...for some unknown reason. I don't think I pre-hydrated and actually had forgotton to eat anything before we took off...so that didn't help.

AFter a bit of "goo" and a few dozen swigs of RAIN Gaterade I began to feel a better...but it was still a struggle.

I feel pretty spent tonight.

Do Doctors Read Their Patients Charts?

Dad goes to Kearney for another CT scan tomorrow. I won't be able to go as I have to work. Hopefully we will get good news.
Dad's gotten along remarkably well with the Taxotere. He's lost his eyebrows and eyelashes so that makes for a SURPRISE! look all the time but other than that...no probs.
The only problem we are having is with the coumadin ("blood thinner") medication. I really feel that the Dr and nurses there have little to no idea of what a patients history is when they look at the labs and then call with med changes.
good god in heaven.
I mean...get this...if your blood is too thick you are prone to a clot so you increase your coumadin...if you are too thin...you can have a bleed out...so you may take Vitamin K...if it's really "thin" and lower your dose. Okay...Dad has been bouncing around with his meds(per Dr. request) and yesterday...he was too "thin" Today...I can't hardly say it with a straight face...Dad's Dr(person of higher learning)...told my hubby...a pharmacist...to have Dad take 5mg of Coumadin and take Vitamin K...everyday in response to Mark questioning the dose of yet again...Coumadin 5mg po q day. Every time Dad has taken 5mg...he gets so thin they can't even get the machine to read it...every time EVERY TIME. People...here is a clue...read your patients chart before making LIFE THREATENING MED CHANGES! What is up with that???
good god...good god
Dad and Mom don't want to upset the apple cart...but I say...YOU HAVE TO STICK UP FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE...NO ONE ELSE WILL!!!!!
Anyway...after Mark called, faxed, called and visiting with incredulous surprise in his voice to the Dr, the nurse, the Dr again...the order was changed to 3 mg po q day....finally.

April 10, 2006

Hey Wind...blow me!

I'm tired. Sitting here at work with my head on the computer desk. The cinnamon rolls are rising, the donuts are frosted and I have to bake the scones and turnovers...make the coffee...but the rest is cake.
Rode 33 miles yesterday with Cindy Sue. Biking makes me tired. I just don't know if I can get into shape for BRAN or not. Today the forecast has a wind advisory...WHAT A SHOCK! I'm soooo sick of the wind blowing. I can see how prairie women of old used to go crazy listening to the wind blow. My legs were restless last night and I've got some kind of allergic wheeze thing going on so I'm really really tired today. Thoughts of a nap are all that I'm thinking about right now.
Seems like I didn't get anything done this weekend. I thought about doing stuff.
I thought about:
sowing some garden seeds in my sunroom.
doing laundry
mopping my laundry room floor
cleaning the boys pig sty rooms
cleaning out the "shoe closet"
washing my car
packing up some old clothes and taking them to the thrift store
vacuuming the upstairs
raking the lawn or lack thereof
but mostly I worked at the shop and...I can't figure out what I did...weird really.
I guess I did get a big big new blue dress that makes me look like a freight liner for a wedding that's at the end of the month. Oh boy...nothing like trying on big big big big dresses to make you feel good. yah Nothing like thinking the next dress you buy might be in the tent section at SEARS.

man I hate a dress trying on marathon. yuck

I thought there might be a telephon going on in Cambridge or something this weekend. Cindy and I were done working on Saturday, sitting down to a little oatmeal, watching the traffic or lack of, in the front of the shop, and all of a sudden we saw this big trailer snailing down main street. The street so empty of cars it looked like it was really a dried up river bed. The trailer said...Vote For Frank Shoemaker. There were no bells or whistles or megaphones at all. There wasn't a brass band or a bunch of majorettes.
just a horse trailer with a tiny sign on it

huh...maybe everyone else missed the memo too

Now it's Monday and here we go again.

33 Miles

Almost a month passed before I rode. I can't believe how damn windy it has been. Anyway, Kurt fixed up the Terry with my new tires and Cindy lugged both bikes to my house and away we went. We both worked together Friday and Saturday and were giggly as teenagers. I think I already had "chip pneumonia", "beer pneumonia", "oatmeal pneumonia" from laughing while eating then choking leading to aspiration leading to a wheeze in my lungs. So...biking should have been a real fun joy.
It was.
Of course the wind blew. We took mostly a flat and a little bit of a hill before turning and heading home.
My new tires felt good, my knee ached a little and luckily my allergy meds kicked in and I didn't sneeze my head off.
No treasures were found by the side of the road...other than VOTE for Frank Shoemaker signs the size of a house.

April 07, 2006

Whas Up

I just had a "Friday" with Cindy.
We haven't had one in awhile.
It was gud.
It was berry berry gud.
Now...I dance.

April 05, 2006

Heathen Boy Strikes Again

Okay, so we went to the "pot luck church supper before Lent service" tonight. Then, church. Mark actually went with us...! We walked in, got in line and everyone greeted...Mark. It was like I was a ghost already... Anyway, during the service, Alec and his buds sit in the very front row...like they are at the movies or something. Alec says it's because then you are the first to get out. Go figure. Andrew and his buds sat behind Mark, Katie and I...near the screaming babies in the back. Most times the babies are like elevator music and when they are quiet...it makes me feel like something is missing. During the hymns, which I only hit the middle notes and leave off the upper as my singing S U C K S I noticed something. Behind me, the words were being changed to some kind of bizarre form which only 14 year old boys can sing.

dear god in heaven I thought...how can I possibly reach around behind me and slap my kid without causing too big a scene. Mark, on my right, was laughing.


Thanks for the help there heathen boy, I thought.

I gave the boys the dreaded "Stagemeyer glare" and hoped that would do it.

If we go to every church service without missing for the next 6 weeks(including every Lenten service known to mankind)...Andrew may pass his confirmation class...notice I said...maybe. Each kid is to be questioned by the elders, must pass an oral and written exam as well. It reminds me of how terrified I was of being questioned by the congregation...when I was his age. I was sooo scared in fact...I skipped most of the classes. I could not make myself go to this pastors classes. He couldn't look you in the face, he was a very bizarre and unusual person and he couldn't control us at all.
Embarrasing now...really.

Our vicar now, on the other hand, is very nice and I like him. The pastor himself, reminds me of a sort of bird. He warbles when he chants and kind of sings through his nose. He is gangly and sort of resembles a large blue heron. I keep expecting him to fly away some day. He knows all kinds of homeopathy and is an interesting guy to talk to

Well...That's about all the crap I'll subject you too tonight.

Be Your Own Advocate

Dad had another chemo today. We just got back. He tolerated the chemo very well. His blood is "too thin" again. He will need vitamin K and have to hold his Coumadin for a couple days and then get his blood rechecked on Friday...here at our lab.
We met several other chemo patients today. None of which we've seen before.
There are a helluva lot of people with cancer in this world.
It just feels to me that you, as a patient, are on your own. You are at the mercy of the nurses and the Drs. They don't know you from Jo Schmo down the street. I tried giving gifts...(I read that hint somewhere)...making a scene...being nice...helping out...it just doesn't matter. You are On Your Own. If you don't stick up for yourself you can get fucked over.
Be brave ask questions...ask a lot...be seen get noticed be your own advocate.

April 03, 2006

What I've Been Doing Lately

Making new menus for the shop...which I really get into and love to do...except my right hand is now crippled from using the mouse for about an hour and 1/2 today.
Walking every night. NO biking though. Still flat. Still windy. Still so damn windy!
Reading...now I'm about through The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. I like it but not as much as My Sisters Keeper. Although...I am constantly amazed at how well Picoult shapes her characters into people who are both interesting and unusual and yet at the same time...normal boring folk like say any one of us. I like how they often have unusual hobbies and that I learn something from the books. One book talked about stars, another...drawing, Alaska life and another talked about medical stuff that I love to hear. Anyway...I ramble.
I'm sick of basketball games blaring everynight. The boys are obsessed.
I just got done walking and I'm ready for a beer and a book.

Tomorrow...work, wind and what else is there?

April 01, 2006


One Saturday I would like to go to a coffee shop and order something and sit down and people watch instead of me making the drinks and running my ass off.