April 19, 2006

Dust Me Off and Call Me Summer Mummy

Wind, tornado like escorted us to Kearney for another chemo day extraorinaire. We saw the oncologist, listened to the CT results (mostly improved), got dad hooked up, juiced up, fed and came home. The wind was sooo bad on the way there that we couldn't even see the road at times. It was like driving in a severe blizzard. Totally out of the dirty thirties.
After we got home I was exhausted. As usual, dad gets chemo...I get tired. Soon after we got home I went to the shop to do some closing stuff and...did I tell you we got a parrot now? It's a 20 year old parrot that was most recently living at the nursing home and prior to that...at the local newspaper. His name is Boots. He will be staying up in the loft part of our shop...the pharmacy billing department per se. Anyway...he says a few phrases and he wolf whistles like a deranged sex pervert. I think Shelley may teach him to say very very naughty words. I fear for the customers. I hope he lives as if he continues to whistle and holler....the girls may tie a bag over his sweet little green head.
Anyway, when I got to the shop, the phone rang and it was mom...telling me that dad was throwing up.
DAMN...he has gotten along so well with his chemo.
Except for that almost stopping breathing thing those four times.
He tells me it's because he ate too much for lunch...which I know for a fact...is probably true because mom and I brought his this huge bacon burger, fries and a chocolate shake which he totally ate...but still...nausea, diarrhea, vomiting are all side effects of his chemo too.
I'll check on him later...I took him his anti nausea meds and some 7-up.
The kids are playing baseball or something.
Mark is at work.
No one has eaten supper and it's...after 7:30.
The laundry hamper is over full and reeking.
No socks are matched.
The house is FULL of dust.
I have no desire to fix any of the above.
Welcome to summer life...already.

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