April 10, 2006

Hey Wind...blow me!

I'm tired. Sitting here at work with my head on the computer desk. The cinnamon rolls are rising, the donuts are frosted and I have to bake the scones and turnovers...make the coffee...but the rest is cake.
Rode 33 miles yesterday with Cindy Sue. Biking makes me tired. I just don't know if I can get into shape for BRAN or not. Today the forecast has a wind advisory...WHAT A SHOCK! I'm soooo sick of the wind blowing. I can see how prairie women of old used to go crazy listening to the wind blow. My legs were restless last night and I've got some kind of allergic wheeze thing going on so I'm really really tired today. Thoughts of a nap are all that I'm thinking about right now.
Seems like I didn't get anything done this weekend. I thought about doing stuff.
I thought about:
sowing some garden seeds in my sunroom.
doing laundry
mopping my laundry room floor
cleaning the boys pig sty rooms
cleaning out the "shoe closet"
washing my car
packing up some old clothes and taking them to the thrift store
vacuuming the upstairs
raking the lawn or lack thereof
but mostly I worked at the shop and...I can't figure out what I did...weird really.
I guess I did get a big big new blue dress that makes me look like a freight liner for a wedding that's at the end of the month. Oh boy...nothing like trying on big big big big dresses to make you feel good. yah Nothing like thinking the next dress you buy might be in the tent section at SEARS.

man I hate a dress trying on marathon. yuck

I thought there might be a telephon going on in Cambridge or something this weekend. Cindy and I were done working on Saturday, sitting down to a little oatmeal, watching the traffic or lack of, in the front of the shop, and all of a sudden we saw this big trailer snailing down main street. The street so empty of cars it looked like it was really a dried up river bed. The trailer said...Vote For Frank Shoemaker. There were no bells or whistles or megaphones at all. There wasn't a brass band or a bunch of majorettes.
just a horse trailer with a tiny sign on it

huh...maybe everyone else missed the memo too

Now it's Monday and here we go again.


George said...

33 miles ani't bad! I had lots of stuff planned for the weekend, but as usual........stuff just kinda happens.

shenry said...

Stick with BRAN. I'm totally inspired by your BRAN rides. What will '06 be, you third or fourth BRAN?