April 26, 2006

Let The Day Begin!!

Took Dad up for chemo today...he had "The Shortstack" he likes to call it. Just 2 bags of toxic waste coursing through his veins instead of the usual 4 or so. He tolerated it fairly well. He looks good and appears to be feeling well.
AFter I got home I immediately started to clean my sty. Starting with my bedroom...and then moving on to do the upstairs bathrooms. EVerything from mopping to swabbing the pot.
CAN'T THEY AIM BETTER!!?? I mean, hell...There's only 1 HOLE! How can they miss??

I moved my huge gargantuan King sized bed from one end of my room to the other...this lead to me moving my huge gargantuan dresser and then dressing table...and my hope chest...and then I had to sort out "bad" undies from "good" undies and I threw out a bunch of big ass mammy panties and kept some slinkers from days gone by to inspire me to work on decreasing my ass size.
I doubt it'll work. I'll probably be scrubbing those ole faded, elastically challenged raggedy assed mammy's every night by the light of the moon and throwing them up to the ceiling fan to dry during the night.

My back hurts now.These pieces of furniture were my grandma Paisley's and they are HEAVY mofo chunks of wood. I was grunting like a sumo wrestler and looking like one too...damnit!

In other news...Alec just informed me that he want to dress up like Lemony Snickett character...Count Olaf...tomorrow and needs a suit coat, blue pin striped pants and dippity doo, Katie is crabby because I run off her man, Andrew is back, stinking up the place cuz he's been shooting hoops all night, my bedding is still hours away from being washed, dried and fluffed, and...I need to brush my teeth, do the dishes, take out the trash and feed the dog and clean the parrot....vacuum, empty the dishwasher, match socks...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!

Well dip me in mustard and call me hot dog...let my night begin.

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Anonymous said...

You ran her man off the week of PROM? just for the evening or forever?
Cold I tell ya!