April 16, 2006

See? See? Whad I Tell Ya...??

Shirley K's Coffee Shops claim to fame is...Homer Simpson??

Can you see Homer? Not the Virgin Mary, not Jesus, nooooo not that.
Homer Simpson. How proud we are. How puffed up and vain. Should we bronze the roll and place it in a display case? Should we dunk it in coffee and eat it? Should we sell it on E-bay for cold hard cash?


shenry said...

I vote for the display case. A shrine, if you will, with incense and other Homer offerings.

George said...

Ummmm, it kinda looks like a turd.

Yes, sell it on eBay, maybe the Golden Palace will buy it:-)

Lori Lou said...

OMG, it is totally Homer! I say sell, sell, sell!!!