May 07, 2006

Hanging In There

Dad got a "painters" mask to wear when he mows. Now he needs some type of goggle to keep the dirt out of his eyes. It is sooo dirty and dusty here. We need rain and a lot of it.
His PT/INR would have been perfect if it was supposed to be in the normal range...the INR is supposed to be between 2 and 3 and he was 1.27 or so. Now he is taking 1.5mg Coumadin then the next day 3 mg Coumadin then the next day 1.5mg and so on and so on.
Dad last had a chemo treatment 2 weeks ago this Wednesday.
He had one nosebleed about a week ago. Some hoarseness that I attribute to sinus drainage and probably his chemo. One day of body aches and tiredness.
Dad says he is having more side effects from Taxotere than he did with Taxol. His tastebuds are bleah. Although he was able to "taste" red jello the other day, most everything else has no taste and it's a bear for him to eat. He does though. His weight is staying stable around 173.
He has one chemo left on Wednesday (maybe) and I hope it goes well.
Mom and Dad had their 49th Anniversery on Friday (same day as my 40th birthday) and I should have had a big celebration but didn't.
Next year...the big party.


Linder said...

my thoughts are with you & your family.

Linder said...

my thoughts are with you & your family. -Linda