May 10, 2006

I'm Trying To Think Of Something Funny...

to say.
But I can't really. life is going along in a rapid fashion and I'm not even sure if I'm in it.

so...Its just
The usual crap of the parrot bit Shelley and then laughed hysterically, the thought of my hairdresser telling a funny story using "Yoo Hoo" and "Yah Hah" in reference to the, errrr, crotch and ass area instead of saying "crotch" or "ass", the fact that a customer found my book of Naughty Over 40 Coupons which have SHOCKINGLY NASTY GOOD illustrations AND directions sometimes involving feathers, D cells and yes...even asses and crotches...that I received from someone for my birthday and read them...WHILE AT THE COFFEE SHOP waiting for their lunch, the fact that Dad calls a skin tag on his arm an Air Bag and many other silly little things that choke me up. Like the guy who went into the filling station, told the attendant to give him $5.00 worth of gas and the attendant said okay, turned around, farted and handed the guy a receipt...

Now, I'm tired. Dad had chemo today and the hour long appointment turned into yet again and all day affair. Now he has to take 3 more chemo. I'm not sure why...or why we didn't question it at the office. I will call the Dr. Tomorrow and find out.

Time to kiss the kids and go to bed. I hope to hell I have some clean clothes for work tomorrow. Although by the looks of the laundry room...It'll be iffy.

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