May 29, 2006

Not Long Till I'm a Full Time Resident!

...of a loony bin.
How busy can summer get? It isn't even summer yet people!!!
Medicine Creek Days is
I spent the morning cleaning up the outside of our coffee shop because the dance is held right there on main street. Of course we have benches outside and they are utilized. This is fine...except there was a multitude of spilled drinks, food, wrappers, gum wads and bits of broken glass, my windows were smeared beyond all smears and I hope my plants make it.
Then...I had to clean inside the shop. Get my order ready for the salesmen (they come tomorrow and I might be gone with Mark in Omaha) I'm hoping I have everything ordered I need for the BRAN ride buffet...and the goods I'm donating to the various dinners/breakfasts I'm involved in.
Being out of town tomorrow will be a bitch.
Alec has his leg check up tomorrow morning in Omaha...which I'm almost positive will be fine.
Anyway...more to bitch about but who gives a rats ass right?

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