May 06, 2006

Well, I'm 40 Now

...and it doesn't feel much different than getting pushed out of a moving vehicle. Hardly a pang.
Well, maybe just a pang or two at the most.
or three or four...

Anyway...Tomorrow Andrew gets confirmed. I've got everything ironed and dress shoes found and a tie and socks and Andrew assured me, even though he hates the pants I've pressed and ironed and cursed, that he WILL wear them. I hope he will...the rest of his pants are holey...NOT HOLY.

Did I mention what happened to Andrew on his last alcolyte last week? Our acolytes wear a gown and pants over their clothes. Andrew was up at the altar lighting the candles when all of a sudden...his alcolyte pants were huddled around his ankles. Andrew causally stepped out of them, as he was lighting candles at the time...just stepped with one leg on the pants and off they came. Then, while bowing at the altar...he gave them a kick and off the altar they flew.

Good Lord, I had tears streaming down my face. Could he have had a better last alcolyte???

What in the world will happen tomorrow I shudder to ask.

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shenry said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. 40. I hear that 40 is the new 20, so in one more year you'll be able to go to the bars and drink legally.