June 29, 2006

Sore Eye

Dad has been having alot of tearing from his eyes...especially his left one. The oncologist suggested some eye drops and they help a bit but now they say...eye Dr. There is a side effect from Taxotere of tear duct blockage potential. So...right now...dad is using the drops and applying warm moist packs and we will see what happens.
He has an occasional loose sounding cough...but it seems to be related to the sinus drainage crap.
Weight good. Hgb...could be better...12 ish. PT/INR...stable. White count is low. No chemo this week. He has a CT scan next week...then...how many more chemos??

I Have a Flat Tire

...and no tubes the right size!
I can ride the BRAN ride without a flat tire but let me take one spin around town and blammmoooo!

Not Too Funny

Unless you are NOT me. and you aren't.
Yes, I just finished cleaning up a toilet overload.
oh isn't it just too funny.
And just to make you giggle harder...the toilet was the UPSTAIRS one. Yes, not only did it overflow into the bathroom...at midnight...as I was just going up to bed...yes you guessed it...it flowed through the ceiling and flowed like a bladder dysfunctional cousin of mine...into my empty washroom...devoid of dirty poo poo clothes because I not only washed all freaking day but yes, I hung the mo fo's all on the line....uh huhhh...AND I'd just brought in the last load of clean laundry from the line about 2 hours ago. Fresh and sunshiny smelling. Fresh and dry and clean. yup
so funny.
so very very funny.
My wallpaper peeled off...the dust bunnies under the washer flowed out in couples like they were looking for an ark...I got pissy diryy toidy water on my head...and feet and ughhhhh!
Mark cleaned around upstairs while I handled the downstairs.
My freshly mopped smelling like new laundry room is now FILLED TO THE RIM WITH DIRTY PISSY WET STINKING CLOTHES THAT I JUST WASHED!!!!!
One good thing I can think of before I head upstairs to bathe the stench away...at least we hadn't put up another ceiling tile since the LAST TIME THE TOILET UPSTAIRS OVERFLOWED!!!
Remember that one??

shitcakes on the house...anybody?

June 27, 2006

Yoo Hoo

Funny things happen everyday. Each and every day that is a fact. But I have no time to blog. Right now? I'm sitting here almost late to Andrew's ball game and half dressed and that is NOT a good thing cuz anybody might just walk right in and I would have to live with causing them permanant scarring to the brain be seeing me here at the computer.
There are some of the things I need to tell you about when
a) I am fully dressed and
b) I really have more time

1) The parrot singing a hymlike song in a voice something like Carol Channing and Ethel Mermon crossed.
2) The Tent
3) Cindy getting the "air pushed out of her"
4) Carpet cleaning
5) Donuts are my life
6) Energy jelly belly beans

June 23, 2006

Moo Moo Skeeter Dope

I'm thinking of drinking some red red wine.
But I'm damn tired.
Just finished Geek Love again...loved it. Sickenly so.
I've two yummy new paperback books straight from Amazon.com...unopened, smelling of new...still not dropped into my bath water begging me to read them. Right off hand I can't think what the names of them are. I think Water Witch is one and ... whatever.
I mowed my back lawn and hoed my garden after work tonight. I also got a MASSIVE skeeter bite on my calf. Just what I need...a MASSIVE skeeter bite on my MASSIVE BIG ASS CALF! I mean I could call my calf...a cow. Let's just say...my calf cow and a telephone pole...are similar in girth.
When I was young we always called mosquito spray...dope...as in...have you got any skeeter dope on?? or... Aaaghhhhh...I'm blind! I'm blind! I'm blind! You got the damn skeeter dope in my eyeeeeeee!!

June 22, 2006

Chemo Day

Dad had Taxotere today. His labs looked good...though his hgb is only 12.1 and I'd like to see that higher. His PT/INR is stable and no med changes were made. His white count is a bit low and I don't remember that happening before.
I wasn't able to go today or last week either. Work is starting to close in on me. Next week dad has no chemo and the week after that...another CT scan and chemo and a Dr. appointment. Maybe then we will find out if he needs more chemo or he can take a break for awhile.
I wish only that Dad could taste food now. He really misses that. Everything tastes like crap, he says. He seems tired lately. He has a bit of a cough...loose...like a sinus drainage type of cough. When he doesn't use his eye drops he has "drippy eyes" and "drippy nose". Tobredex QID seems to help with this. Dad says he wonders if he will ever get over the effects of chemo. He says he feels "fuzzy" and "not right". He doesn't seem to wonder aloud if he will ever get over the effects of lung cancer.

June 21, 2006

Cow Pie de jour

Next Time You See Cindy Sue:
Ask her if she got into a wreck with a van carrying cotton candy or is that just her hair do??

In other news...I'm thinking of creating a Shake or a Swirlie out of chocolate puddin'. I could name it...Cow a Bunga Look like Dunga Shake...if I use sugar free pudding maybe CowPie Swirlie Delight...maybe Here's Mud In Your Eye Cow Pie...McCurdy Turdy Shake...Turds Away!!! hmmmmm I wonder if you can deep fry pudding?
just a thought

PS...Jo Jo Dancing Bear...you will suffer for mailing me that defaced and now devalued picture out of the paper...don't think you wont!

sooo sooo tired...

June 20, 2006

3 Weeks On 1 Week Off

That's the chemo routine...so far.
Dad looks good really...maybe a bit frail. I noticed today that his forearms are smaller. Generally his body just looks smaller. He weighs about 172 or so. Staying the same really. Just muscle mass shrinkage I guess. He occasionally has a productive cough. Not often. His hgb rose a bit up to 13 something this last time. I was glad to see that. His PT/INR is staying where the Dr's want it...between 2 and 3 for the INR. Dad occasionally takes Lasix for fluid in his legs...just prn and he also takes Potassium when he takes Lasix other than those meds...he just takes the weekly toxic waste. I wasn't able to go last time. Hopefully this week I can finangle it. I will be short staffed at work the first few weeks of July so that may be a problem.
I went out and used the weed eater aka Bush Hog at Mom and Dads this weekend. That place is a lot of yard work. Maybe going to be too much for them to handle soon. I'm not sure. I've always loved that place and I'd hate to see it sold to an "outsider" but I can see that eventually the work is going to be too much for Dad.

June 19, 2006

How Do They Know?

Okay...I'm so serious. I may be working my ass off all day at work then when I'm done there...at the house, kids everywhere like stink on shit and when there is finally a quiet moment and all the little nose miners, some mine some not mine, are gone to the pool or the b-ball courts or the ball field or...whatever, when I'm not so tired that all I can think of is nappy nappy nappy, when I finally sit down at the computer desk and want to type up a blog entry what the hell do you know? The kids come back in like water through a New Orleans dike. Why? Do they sense my need to sit down at the computer? Better yet...How? How do they freaking know? Are they gifted with ESP?
In any case...my time here is done now. Children are scrambling around like ants on a dirt mound.

June 15, 2006

It's Raining!

The boys baseball games were rained out even.
I want to lay in bed and listen to the storm.
...with a glass of wine and my latest old book of course...I'm reading Geek Love...which I love and have owned for several years. It's about two carnies who decide to breed their own freak show. The female is dosed with arsinic and amphetamines and other lovely drugs in order to produce sweet baby freaks. It works and the rest is...Geek Love.
Read it.
Must go now and enjoy the storm.

June 14, 2006

Piss Poor Painter Persists

I don't know about you but I tend to multi task. Like when I'm using the toidy...I ALWAYS end up changing the roll of toilet paper or wiping up the hairballs from the corners of the room! Today I painted my bathroom and washed every blanket we own and did about 699 other loads of laundry and hung them all on the line because as usual it's a bitch of a windy ass day and why heat up the house really. I also mowed some of our lawn and some of our non neighbors lawn (because no one lives there and no one mows there) because I decided to use that clothes line because it's a big four line one. Mine is only one little string and it always falls down when I hang up blankets.
Anywayyyyy I went into the newly painted bathroom to utilize the facilities and...whilst sitting there discovered that

A) my paint job suck ed
B) there were hairs to be gathered from the corners
C) there was NO toilet paper
D) wallpaper is sticky when wet
AND the most important thing I discovered...I CAN paint while I Pee as well as I paint when I don't pee...so therefore...I can now justify doing both at the same time!

BRAN 2006 done did that

Well, just a post about BRAN 2006.
Here are the CLIFF NOTES:
Night Before Day 1...We camped across from the tracks and since it is a MAJOR crossing and the engineers follow all horn blowing rules...no one slept a wink in camp. Not one hour of sleep!
Also...sadly, a BRAN rider hit a pothole near the tracks and ended up with a broken neck. More info available HERE. There is a benefit ride being organized and they are selling T-Shirts as well. Keep Larry in your prayers. Here is the message from the BRAN administration verbatim.

Hello BRANimals,
As you know, veteran BRAN rider, Larry Schroetlin of Butte NE was critically injured on BRAN 26 this year.
We recently received an e-mail from his cousin, Renee Brewster. Renee and her family will be putting on a ride in Butte on July 8th during their Pancake Days. The ride would be about 30 miles from Butte to Naper. For those of you who live in that area, please plan to participate! This would be a wonderful way to support one of our own.
Renee is also offering t-shirts for $10-$15 with mailing for those of us who can't make the ride. If you're interested in buying a t-shirt you can contact Renee at rafernau@yahoo.com

Day 1...Broken Bow - Eustis I can't remember a better day for cycling. What Fun! I loved the rolling hills. We saw a rattlesnake on the road. We drank Takillya with the Jet Boys...and it was FINE...Or was that last night??? hmmmmm
Day 2...Eustis - Maywood...Rain to start off with. Great breakfast! We saw a porcupine...and he was either mad or rabid. He turned in circles alongside the road and waddled around like a pig! Long day in Maywood watching more rain come down. Today we drank beer with the Jet boys. It was good. Our tent stayed dry. We are nervous about being ready to host BRAN tomorrow night.
Day 3...Maywood to Cambridge (our home town!) Hilly, nice hard ride. We stopped at all the lakeroad stops and visited. We got back to our home...and I started working at the coffee shop and didn't sit down until 10:30 pm. Man did my legs hurt! and I was TIRED!
Day 4...Cambridge - Minden...We got a ride past the construction and rode in some wind up some long low hills. Pretty hot. I hate a straightaway. We stopped in Axtell and got kicked out of the supermarket BECAUSE OF THE JET BOYS! We drank one beer each in the park there and I wanted to turn in three circles and make a nest. But on we went to Minden...straight to Pizza Hut.
Mark picked us up there because I wanted to be at my dad's Dr. appointment the next day.
We decided 4 days was okay and that was the end of our BRAN ride. for this year.

June 12, 2006

43 Miles

Cindy and I rode the "section" today. South of Cambridge and then West to Lebanon then over a hilly North to Bartley and lastly East to Cambridge. Around mile 10 we saw a mule deer...in fact it almost ran into us! Around mile 20 we saw a white tail...again...almost crossing right in front of us. We also thought we saw an owl...and I know we saw a red headed woodpecker right about then too. We saw many different "weeds" which I think are beautiful but I know farmers would not. Wild gourd vines, purple headed grasses, musk thistle with big purple blooms, prairie cactus neon green with large yellow blooms, a brilliant pink clover type bloom and wild morning glory vines. Some of the yucca were blooming too. It was an awesome nature ride. Did I mention we saw a butterscotch colored fawn around mile 30?

Chemo Nose, Chemo Eyes, Chemo Tongue

Dad has been having some annoying side effects from the Taxotere. Mouth "soreness" but no sores, loose stools occasionally, and a rashy dry area on his forehead. His nose and eyes are "running" too. The worst thing? He can't taste anything. Since he can't smoke anymore and his food tastes like nothing he can enjoy none of his old vices whatsoever.
Mom and Dad saw Dr. Lewis mentor after his CT scan for possible treatment of those above symptoms. Dr. Mentor reviewed the chart, spoke with dad and basically said, These things will pass when the chemo is over.
The end.
Dad was satisfied.
okay then...
This week, when we went back up, Dad got another round of taxotere, zymeda and a prescription for eye drops He is using Aveeno lotion on his rash and that helps. The eyes are slightly better. His nose...still running. His is slightly forgetful. His bloodwork is good. His skin is still too dry. He has only a bit of a cough. He is taking his Lasix prn...but a bit more often lately. His weight was up to 176. He is eating well even though there are no discernible flavors...except maybe strawberry. We've tried having him eat a sour pickle before meals...but...it didn't work.
He got signed up for chemo through July! How many cycles are they going to give him? It sure would be nice if a Dr. would be available to visit with you once in a great while. I've read where they give up to 9 cycles...but hell...I don't even know how many Dad's had. Seems like a zillion or so. He started off with Taxol...had 4 of those...then we switched to Taxotere...and he's had alot of them.
I'm going to get some answers tomorrow by God or that clinic will regret it!

June 03, 2006

No Backing Out Now

Our tent is packed. The cooler is full. The kids are taken care of...I hope! The dog is worried. The both of us are tired as HELL. The anti monkey butt powder is ready!

No Backing Out Now

Our tent is packed. The cooler is full. The kids are taken care of...I hope! The dog is worried. The both of us are tired as HELL. The anti monkey butt powder is ready!

June 02, 2006

Good Report

We just got the CT results faxed to us and everything is "stable" so that's good. No growth, no new nodules. There is a bit of increase in the pleural effusion...but not significant. I wonder if that is due to the radiation or the chemo itself. EVerything else is the same.
Due to medication side effects Dad can't taste anything except raspberry jello and his hgb is 12.7 so he is a little more "run down" feeling I imagine. Maybe he will be done with this type of chemo now. I hope so.
He is supposed to see the oncologist on Thursday so maybe things will change at that time.
At least now I feel a little bit better about being gone for a few days on the BRAN ride.

I Done Been Training So Muchly I Be Fine!

Well, I guess things are lining up for Cindy and I to ride BRAN again. We have only a few bike miles under our belts and no big rides at all.
I think we will do just fine.
We ride hard...and I know we will laugh so much our abs will get a work out!
Don't worry about the little old heart cath that Cindy had. She is fine! Hell, she was loading and unloading big ass sacks of feed on her way home from the procedure! At least she didn't pick a bouquet of flowers with her ass on her way home from the hospital this time. Remember when she had her knee scope? She was on her way home from the hospital...still sedated a bit, her leg wrapped like a mummy from ass to toe, and they stopped off at a country auction?? Cindy sat quietly in the pick up...but soon she had to pee...and she was no weight bearing AND there were no toilets? Uhh huhhh...you guessed it...she "hopped" out of the truck, squatted like a giraffe getting a drink of water (one leg at an angle) and taa dahhhh...peed in the dirt! After she got back into the truck she noticed an odd itch and pulled out a lovely bouquet of wildflower that she'd managed to pick with her ass while squatting!
Well, anyway...we leave some time on Saturday...and will be coming home sometime shortly thereafter in an ambulance.
Don't know if I can do it this year...