June 20, 2006

3 Weeks On 1 Week Off

That's the chemo routine...so far.
Dad looks good really...maybe a bit frail. I noticed today that his forearms are smaller. Generally his body just looks smaller. He weighs about 172 or so. Staying the same really. Just muscle mass shrinkage I guess. He occasionally has a productive cough. Not often. His hgb rose a bit up to 13 something this last time. I was glad to see that. His PT/INR is staying where the Dr's want it...between 2 and 3 for the INR. Dad occasionally takes Lasix for fluid in his legs...just prn and he also takes Potassium when he takes Lasix other than those meds...he just takes the weekly toxic waste. I wasn't able to go last time. Hopefully this week I can finangle it. I will be short staffed at work the first few weeks of July so that may be a problem.
I went out and used the weed eater aka Bush Hog at Mom and Dads this weekend. That place is a lot of yard work. Maybe going to be too much for them to handle soon. I'm not sure. I've always loved that place and I'd hate to see it sold to an "outsider" but I can see that eventually the work is going to be too much for Dad.

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