June 22, 2006

Chemo Day

Dad had Taxotere today. His labs looked good...though his hgb is only 12.1 and I'd like to see that higher. His PT/INR is stable and no med changes were made. His white count is a bit low and I don't remember that happening before.
I wasn't able to go today or last week either. Work is starting to close in on me. Next week dad has no chemo and the week after that...another CT scan and chemo and a Dr. appointment. Maybe then we will find out if he needs more chemo or he can take a break for awhile.
I wish only that Dad could taste food now. He really misses that. Everything tastes like crap, he says. He seems tired lately. He has a bit of a cough...loose...like a sinus drainage type of cough. When he doesn't use his eye drops he has "drippy eyes" and "drippy nose". Tobredex QID seems to help with this. Dad says he wonders if he will ever get over the effects of chemo. He says he feels "fuzzy" and "not right". He doesn't seem to wonder aloud if he will ever get over the effects of lung cancer.

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