June 21, 2006

Cow Pie de jour

Next Time You See Cindy Sue:
Ask her if she got into a wreck with a van carrying cotton candy or is that just her hair do??

In other news...I'm thinking of creating a Shake or a Swirlie out of chocolate puddin'. I could name it...Cow a Bunga Look like Dunga Shake...if I use sugar free pudding maybe CowPie Swirlie Delight...maybe Here's Mud In Your Eye Cow Pie...McCurdy Turdy Shake...Turds Away!!! hmmmmm I wonder if you can deep fry pudding?
just a thought

PS...Jo Jo Dancing Bear...you will suffer for mailing me that defaced and now devalued picture out of the paper...don't think you wont!

sooo sooo tired...

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