June 19, 2006

How Do They Know?

Okay...I'm so serious. I may be working my ass off all day at work then when I'm done there...at the house, kids everywhere like stink on shit and when there is finally a quiet moment and all the little nose miners, some mine some not mine, are gone to the pool or the b-ball courts or the ball field or...whatever, when I'm not so tired that all I can think of is nappy nappy nappy, when I finally sit down at the computer desk and want to type up a blog entry what the hell do you know? The kids come back in like water through a New Orleans dike. Why? Do they sense my need to sit down at the computer? Better yet...How? How do they freaking know? Are they gifted with ESP?
In any case...my time here is done now. Children are scrambling around like ants on a dirt mound.

1 comment:

Molly said...

Awful, bad babies. They always know. Threaten their lives or threaten to give them jobs. My bad babies always needed me NOW if I was on the phone. I'm glad they grew up and moved out but now I have a bad cat.