June 02, 2006

I Done Been Training So Muchly I Be Fine!

Well, I guess things are lining up for Cindy and I to ride BRAN again. We have only a few bike miles under our belts and no big rides at all.
I think we will do just fine.
We ride hard...and I know we will laugh so much our abs will get a work out!
Don't worry about the little old heart cath that Cindy had. She is fine! Hell, she was loading and unloading big ass sacks of feed on her way home from the procedure! At least she didn't pick a bouquet of flowers with her ass on her way home from the hospital this time. Remember when she had her knee scope? She was on her way home from the hospital...still sedated a bit, her leg wrapped like a mummy from ass to toe, and they stopped off at a country auction?? Cindy sat quietly in the pick up...but soon she had to pee...and she was no weight bearing AND there were no toilets? Uhh huhhh...you guessed it...she "hopped" out of the truck, squatted like a giraffe getting a drink of water (one leg at an angle) and taa dahhhh...peed in the dirt! After she got back into the truck she noticed an odd itch and pulled out a lovely bouquet of wildflower that she'd managed to pick with her ass while squatting!
Well, anyway...we leave some time on Saturday...and will be coming home sometime shortly thereafter in an ambulance.
Don't know if I can do it this year...


shenry said...

You can do it.

That martini looks good.

Hilarious story about Cindy.

George said...

That's a great story to tell the grandkids:-)