June 23, 2006

Moo Moo Skeeter Dope

I'm thinking of drinking some red red wine.
But I'm damn tired.
Just finished Geek Love again...loved it. Sickenly so.
I've two yummy new paperback books straight from Amazon.com...unopened, smelling of new...still not dropped into my bath water begging me to read them. Right off hand I can't think what the names of them are. I think Water Witch is one and ... whatever.
I mowed my back lawn and hoed my garden after work tonight. I also got a MASSIVE skeeter bite on my calf. Just what I need...a MASSIVE skeeter bite on my MASSIVE BIG ASS CALF! I mean I could call my calf...a cow. Let's just say...my calf cow and a telephone pole...are similar in girth.
When I was young we always called mosquito spray...dope...as in...have you got any skeeter dope on?? or... Aaaghhhhh...I'm blind! I'm blind! I'm blind! You got the damn skeeter dope in my eyeeeeeee!!

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