June 29, 2006

Not Too Funny

Unless you are NOT me. and you aren't.
Yes, I just finished cleaning up a toilet overload.
oh isn't it just too funny.
And just to make you giggle harder...the toilet was the UPSTAIRS one. Yes, not only did it overflow into the bathroom...at midnight...as I was just going up to bed...yes you guessed it...it flowed through the ceiling and flowed like a bladder dysfunctional cousin of mine...into my empty washroom...devoid of dirty poo poo clothes because I not only washed all freaking day but yes, I hung the mo fo's all on the line....uh huhhh...AND I'd just brought in the last load of clean laundry from the line about 2 hours ago. Fresh and sunshiny smelling. Fresh and dry and clean. yup
so funny.
so very very funny.
My wallpaper peeled off...the dust bunnies under the washer flowed out in couples like they were looking for an ark...I got pissy diryy toidy water on my head...and feet and ughhhhh!
Mark cleaned around upstairs while I handled the downstairs.
My freshly mopped smelling like new laundry room is now FILLED TO THE RIM WITH DIRTY PISSY WET STINKING CLOTHES THAT I JUST WASHED!!!!!
One good thing I can think of before I head upstairs to bathe the stench away...at least we hadn't put up another ceiling tile since the LAST TIME THE TOILET UPSTAIRS OVERFLOWED!!!
Remember that one??

shitcakes on the house...anybody?

1 comment:

shenry said...

That sucks. I hate overflowing toilet water. I remember a time when I had to clean up toidy water when I had an open, bleeding wound on my hand. Talk about unsanitary.

Anyway, I will admit to giggling at your story, because... well... you tell it so humorously.