June 14, 2006

Piss Poor Painter Persists

I don't know about you but I tend to multi task. Like when I'm using the toidy...I ALWAYS end up changing the roll of toilet paper or wiping up the hairballs from the corners of the room! Today I painted my bathroom and washed every blanket we own and did about 699 other loads of laundry and hung them all on the line because as usual it's a bitch of a windy ass day and why heat up the house really. I also mowed some of our lawn and some of our non neighbors lawn (because no one lives there and no one mows there) because I decided to use that clothes line because it's a big four line one. Mine is only one little string and it always falls down when I hang up blankets.
Anywayyyyy I went into the newly painted bathroom to utilize the facilities and...whilst sitting there discovered that

A) my paint job suck ed
B) there were hairs to be gathered from the corners
C) there was NO toilet paper
D) wallpaper is sticky when wet
AND the most important thing I discovered...I CAN paint while I Pee as well as I paint when I don't pee...so therefore...I can now justify doing both at the same time!

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