July 20, 2006

Hot As HELL and Smelling Like Ass We WIN

Cindy and I went to Kearney yesterday.
It was a trip to remember.
S U R P R I S E!!
Isn't it always. First we take off about 9:30 and Cindy says, We have a few errands to run first and oh yah we have to be back by "4 pm".
Whatever...it was still a shopping trip.
We started in giggling right away and Cindy about oopsied on our way to the Furnas County Courthouse. We picked up our schtuff and off we went. In Ho Ridge we stopped off and "got parts" and off we went. In Kearney the first thing we did was decide to eat. OLD CHICAGO it was. We had pizza and Pete's Wicked Strawberry Ale and it was GOOD!
Well, One thing escalated into another and we each ended up ordering a TREK 7200 hybrid bike. Now we can bike the gravel roads. yah...I'll probably bike the gravel roads alright...ON MY FACE!! What the hell was I thinking?? I mean...the bike has a dingy bell on the handlebars for GODS SAKE! They will be in in 1 week.
On the way home, just a bit late, the TAHOE pissed out on us. Luckily it died beside a big assed grove of slightly decaying yet still leaf supporting trees as it was FREAKING 112 DEGREES OUTSIDE!! Cindy and I promptly laid down on the buffalo grass, head on purses, ass to the highway, leg on knee and laughed and giggled and called Cindy's brother to come bring us a blanket and a 30 pack...of which he politely declined. The time had arrived. We had to make the call. Cindy's hubby was in the serious midst of setting up a tractor pull. I mean...he was doing it...And Cindy was supposed to be helping. Instead, here we were. Sweating, patting down two horses in the field next to us and getting stinky horse wound salve on our hands. Cindy's beloved had to go unload 2 or 3 tractors in the hot hot hot sun...from a trailer in yet another town, drive like a mofo to find us...far far far away stranded in the hot hot hot sun without beer and smelling like ass. Then when he found us he was nice and didn't beat us or berate us but instead put the TAHOE on the trailer and hauled our stinky asses to the FURNAS COUNTY FAIR where we made the pull fashionably late.
There is a shitload more to say but I'm past remembering. I'm posting this a week late.

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