July 01, 2006

If You Do The Macarena It Better Be GOOD or Else!

My kid got kicked out of his baseball game. Not only the one he was playing in but his next scheduled legion game.

Here is the scene. Andrew bunts...a most beautiful bunt...and his first he tells me later. He gets to first and then manages to steal to second base on a catchers mishap. It's a tie game...we are in extra innings. There are now runners on 3rd and 2nd. Andrew, in his excitement, does a bad bad thing.

Yes, you guessed it...a tiny rendition of The Macarena...whilst standing on 2nd base.

Only moments later he is kicked out.

Yes, I said kicked out not thrown out because he strayed off base and was caught...kicked out...and I also said macarena not massacre. "I was trying to lighten up the mood" sayeth my son with downcast eyes.

good grief


slender fungus said...

It's not like your kid cracked another kid across the skull with a bat. I can see a warning, but not a toss. That umpire should be ejected from the league.

shenry said...

I second slender fungus's opinion.

Darius said...

Dog blog it. Sounds rather harsh.

Sheryl said...

I guess it was considered "taunting the pitcher". I don't know...when I was playing softball 1.000 years ago...we always sang stuff like.."pitchers off her rocker just like Betty Crocker"...and "We want a pitcher not a belly itcher"...without getting kicked out...sooooo...go figure.
Anyway...he's still alittle touchy about it...but he'll live. Too bad he has my dancing skills!