July 04, 2006

Walking For A Cause...that's BE-CAUSE I Wanna

Ever wonder what girls really do when they tell you they are going for an afternoon stroll down a dusty dirty country road under the hot hot sun of July??
Yah...they walk.
They might walk(even with a limp or a waddle it's still officially called a walk) with a copper mug full of Moscow Mule clasped tightly in their grimy little hands.

Limes floating in the potent magic potion brine of ginger beer and vodka only taste better when you are walking with your friend and her two dogs (one butt ass ugly...the other a dedicated crotch sniffer...the dogs I mean).

1 comment:

shenry said...

I love your elegant prose in that second paragraph. Beautiful, yet grounded by your crazy sense of humor.