July 25, 2006

We Got Dingy Bells and a Big Ass Seat!

We got our BIKES! and the dingle bell WORKS like a MOFO!
Justin at Kearney Cycling & Fitness gave us a "deal deal" winkity wink wink...NOT!
Hell, it used to be easy to get a "deal deal" but now...man does it take some time! Well, the Tahoe didn't break down and we shopped and ate ourselves silly. We laughed soooo hard at a WENDY'S drive through the poor idiot who took our order is probably scarred for life.
How many people owe their "scarring" in life to us.
Quite a few I'm thinking.
Katie probably said it best when we questioned Katie how she could find us in the big loud Target store. She said, "I have figured out I don't have to look for you guys, I just have to listen."
Well...that just makes me wanna hop on my big ass bike seat and peddle down the road dinging my bell as loud as I can!!

1 comment:

shenry said...

Count me as one of your casualties. I hath been scarred by your blog and humor.