July 27, 2006

You Think a Charly Horse Is BAD?!

My alarm went off at 5 and I shut it off and laid back down. I wasn't going to go in to work terribly early today because Dad needs to see the Oncologist in Kearney and I'm going to drive. We need to see about getting some fluid off Dad's lungs too so...it might be that we even stay overnight. Anywayyyy I laid back down and pretty soon I hear Mark say, "You need to make sure Andrew gets up for football practice...I have a leg cramp".


How long could this leg cramp last really?? Andrew gets up around 6:20 but uhhhh...yahhhhh. I'll do that. Since I was AWAKE now I decided to go get the cinnamon roll dough ready and blah blah blah a few other things but still...that leg cramp thing...hmmmmmm


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