August 24, 2006

Hellfire and Nuts

I roasted nuts tonight...among other things. But...I have to say the end of my night was all about hot spicy nuts...and sugary sweet nuts.
This was my day off. I had a list the size of my ass of things to do. Therefore I did hardly half of them.
I scrubbed my floors on my hands and knees with a scrubby brush. I did laundry (that's a given). I did dish after dish and cleaned out my fridge. We ought to be ashamed of many leftovers crusted with mold. I fed my compost pile. I shopped for food, shampoo and laundry detergent. I read a magazine and saw that Brittany Spears has dark hair now...not to mention she's about to pop out a kid. I wanted to tell her, Brittany...these are the best days of your life, like my grandma told me!
I BBQ'd chicken on the grill. I hung laundry on the line. I took out trash and I thought about a nap. I went to the shop and worried about OLD FASHIONED SATURDAY NIGHT...which is this weekend. I made a few plans, shopped for my moms birthday present, took lunch to Mom and Dad, started the water on their lawn. The topper of the day was a huge drama with Alec who came home from his second football practice of his life with tears in his eyes and dreams dashed...already. He is "on the line", "because he's "fat and slow" and "I won't ever get to touch the ball" and that's not where he wanted to be...blah blah blah.....Oh my good does one raise a child without feeling like a total stupid ass? how? or losing one's mind?? or beating the holy hell out of them?? I think this may be a year of sheer hellish shit storms. This may be the year of hormonal imbalance...mine AND his and maybe therapy, medical and or mental. This may be the year of going gray and sensing bone density evaporation looming on the horizon.
Andrew had a few issues too.
Katie came home singing and hurried and as always, oblivious to everything. She grabbed a chicken leg, a peanut butter sandwich and went jogging.
Meanwhile Mark and I attempted to fix the unfixable with Alec, calm him and set him straight and teach him and comfort im and ditto Andrew. We got done with this drama not long before we had to go to a meeting with the pastor about Alec and his conformation classes. I felt beat up and ugly and mean and bitchy and sinful.
After the meeting I went to the shop, did a few things to get ready for tomorrow and when I came home...rubbed Alec's back with lotion, kissed Andrew, gave Katie a bug that was caught in my Moms car grill for her advanced biology class and sent an order my e-mail to my "syrup guy".
I then...roasted nuts.
for fun.
I took a bath and drank some Merlot and read THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO and posted this message.
I've decided that hell won't be so bad if there are nuts, salt, honey, brown sugar and beer there.

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shenry said...

That's a day off? Wow.