August 07, 2006

I Oughta Leg Rassle Your Ass!

Some little shiass boy remarked to me (in my own home no less), "My gosh your calves are as big as my HEAD!" earlier this afternoon. In shock and piss assedness I replied, THANK YOU VERY LITTLE!! and under my breath I muttered, YOU LITTLE PEE DRINKING CRAP FACE!
I have calves the size of a watermelon headed pee drinking crap faced boy!
Oh boy, did that make my day.
Man, I can't believe how cute I feel now. It rivals my high school homecoming when I was FOURTH RUNNER UP for homecoming Queen, which, if you could do the math that year...meant...LAST!!
In retrospect I probably should take that remark as a compliment...considering the size of that little twits cranium.


Shelley said...

Don't worry Sheryl Fat calves and Fat ASSES will be back in style someday...

Thanx Title IX said...

Get his fat headed ass out of your house! Remember who's queen of that domain.

shenry said...

Consider them "well muscled" calves, and realize that such calves are good for stomping little boys.