August 28, 2006

My Eye! Ain't so Bad...

When I woke up this morning my right eye was mattered shut and puffy and it sort of reminded me of when I went on my first BRAN ride and woke up with an eyelid overhang that could put most circus fat ladies to shame. I think Cindy Sue splashed me with her Moscow Mule fixins last night! There might be a lime swimming behind my lid. But hey...just so ya know...if you are going to go blind there is no better way! Boy is that a magic potion!
Right now I'm sitting on the "man throne" (recliner) watching the discovery channel and writing this instead of sleeping. Why? Because of OLD FASHIONED SATURDAY NIGHT!
What the hell is that you ask?
A lot of work.
It's a town celebration we have here that involves food, Saturday night, horse rides, games, music, eating and for me...just a lot of work. Also...the first annual BRAIN FREEZE CONTEST at the coffee shop.
We had a contest to see how fast someone could suck down a SWIRLY (that's a fruit smoothie), and survive the brain freeze. The SWIRLY'S were neon green, looked like some type of biohazard and flavored SOUR APPLE. Our sign up was good. We had about 50 people try it and we have 4 first place T shirts and 12 certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to hand out. We had a few hurlers and a few quitters...but most...stuck it out. I hope to post pictures some day.
Anyway, I can't sleep because I'm crippled after working all day to clean up the hell hole the shop turned into. Mark and the kids helped me off and on. It took from 11 am to 9:30 pm.
I am watching a show about birthmarks and nevi that cover the whole of someone's back and then werewolf syndrome and now...something about a guy who will be cooled off to such a level that his heart is stopped so they can repair his brain aneurysm. back hurts, I have heartburn AND I'm watching shows about people with medical problems. Luckily my ain't so bad...


George said...

Oh my.

Maybe you could be a pirate:-)

Sheryl said...

yahhh...I see what you mean...SURE...huh?