August 21, 2006

Need Some Wings To Keep Up

Just seems that life is so full of the little things that I don't have a minute to sit down and type anything...let alone make sense with what I'm doing. I doubt it will slow down anytime soon.
First football game this week...then...let the games begin.
I did take a bike ride to Bartley and back with Cindy today. I rode like I'd never been on a bike before. Panting all the way. I was thirsty and tired and it was only to Bartley.
slipping into the gray abyss I'm afraid.
I've been doing weird projects in my few minutes of insomnia...decoupaging shoes and jelly jars.
yuh...high heeled shoes from junior high days and jelly jars of old.
I'll take a picture and show you later.
Other than that those strange projects...same old same old.
Seems as though time is flying and I am not.

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shenry said...

I'll keep checking in, even if you're only posting once a month.