September 14, 2006

Simple Pleasures

I poked myself in the eye today with a straw.
While driving.
I did not require medical assistance.
Just soap in my mouth.
As you all know I had to get a new fridge cuz mine broke on Friday.
Yesterday, Alec said fondly as he patted the old broken fridge, "I'm going to miss you", and he sighed touching the old ragged smiley faced stickers he had plastered on the front door when he was in Kindergarden.
I took Alec to the orthodontist yesterday. When we were back in town he asked me to swing by home so that he could "Meet the new fridge" which was delivered earlier.
He likes it.
It holds food and drinks.
Life is good.

September 11, 2006

Don't Call Me Three Fingered Loui...yet

What I Did Today

Went to church...Let the trumpets blow! And most people recognized me!
Almost fell asleep in church...But didn't!
Sang off key in church...But quietly.
Wore a completely ugly outfit including short pants and long sleeved shirt and looked totally super stupid...But at least my pants fit around my barrel shaped waist.
Cleaned my fridge out after finding out IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!
Went to the shop and discovered that my swirly/shake fridge door had been left partially open since Saturday and THREW OUT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS!
On a happy side note if there is a happy to this...I was able to thoroughly clean the fridge when it was empty...Both of them.
Bumped my head HARD on the freezer door...But didn't cut it quite wide open.
Cut my hand on the ceiling fan....No not because I was doing something fun either...But didn't chop them off or bleed too much
Cleaned the top of my home fridge off...and then...because I was that high in the air...cleaned the sofet on top of my kitchen cupboards which was a TREAT!!
Top it off with insomnia and you have a good share of my day so far.

Off Again

We are heading up to Kearney soon. I talked with the on call (new guy of new he is squeaking...but he did see Dad last Thursday os he sort of "knows" of him) Oncologist who is supposed to be setting up a thorecentesis this morning. All hinging upon the INR results to be < 1.5 (if not then it's fresh frozen plasma first) and really if we can make it to all the different buildings we have to go to in order to get the treatment done. I wonder if we can.
Every movement is difficult now. Air is a precious commodity.
I listened to Dads lung sounds and the left lung is completely filled up with fluid except for a small area of air movement. The right has a few rhonci.
We are supposed to get on the road and try to be up in Kearney by 8:30 - 9 this morning. I am to call the Oncologist while on the road (cuz it takes us 1 1/2 hours to get there) and they are supposed to be telling us where to go and what to do and yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda.
I know it's going to be a cluster.
We cannot have a bunch of wasted trips here and there. Dad won't be able to tolerate it.
I hope to hell they get it set up and set up so that this will be as easy as it can be.
I doubt it.

September 10, 2006

Downward Spiral

Dad needs a left thorecentesis yesterday really.
Why the hell we didn't already schedule it when we were at the oncologist is beyond me. It's like we are struck dumb at the office.
Of course we had the new guy...had to start over from scratch...had to do a cliff note on dads condition. Instead of getting set up for the procedure we ended up just adding Aldactone to the 80mg of Lasix per day.
Every day is a struggle now. The O2 is a necessity. Dad won't wear the portable though his sats dip below 85 percent. He is using a cane at times to walk to the bathroom..."for balance". His activity is extremely limited which in essense limits moms activity too.
There is no answer, no fix no way to make this easier.
We are waiting for Monday to call the oncologist and set up something.

September 06, 2006

Hell Is A Stich in Time

I've been doing counted cross stich tonight. We (Shirley k's and Mark's pharmacy employees) are making a quilt for one of the preggo pharmacists. Only 1 or 2 know how to cross stich. The quilt should hold together really well.
I personally have developed carpel tunnel just tonight.
I'm done now.
Not with the square...GOD no...not that. I will probably have to redo the whole damn thing. I mean do Teddy bears really ride on Geese anyways? Is that a happy little baby quilt subject?? A big ass Teddy bear with sharp claws riding a soft downy goose? I don't think so.
I gotta go cuz there is a show on tourettes syndrome now $#%#^!!

Holding Our Breath

We are going to Kearney tomorrow. We missed Dads Zymeta infusion on Tuesday. We just plain thought it was scheduled for thursday. Dad needs to see the Dr. too. He hasn't had much improvement in his breathing since the last thorecentesis. His activity is very limited. He doesn't like to wear the oxygen except when he is sitting on the couch. He doesn't want to wear the portable at all.
We will take it tomorrow anyway.'
I don't know if the chemo damaged dad's heart...put him into heart failure, if the excess fluid around his lower extremities will remain, if he has fluid building up in his lungs again, if the cancer has spread, if if if if if . I listen to his lungs and I hear diminished sounds, rhonci, but I can't really tell if there is fluid in the pleural area. I just have the worst time assessing his lungs. I always have...even before he had cancer. I don't know what to do really.
I caught him smoking on the back step the other day. He says he has been. 1 or 2 maybe. I didn't know what to say really. I felt pissed and sad and yet I understood.
Nothing is enjoyable for him or for mom. He sits on the couch and "rests" all day. Watches a bit of TV, eats sparingly. He drives to town once in awile but he doesn't want anyone to see him gasping for breath so that has generally limited his errend running. He can't mow. He can barely get to the step without grabbing furniture because he's so short of breath.
Everything seems overwhelming and uncertain.

September 04, 2006

My Favorite Pics from Old Fashioned Saturday Night!

Some Things That Have Been Going On:
Seems like it's been a long week.
Volleyball... a triangular that the girls won...but kept me on the edge with a slow start losing the first set and having to come from behind to take the victory.
Football...the varsity boys were playing in Antarctica on Friday and lost. Andrew got in the game and made a block. I really never expected him to get into a varsity game at least when I was looking. It's hard to watch for your kid when they all look alike. Anyway...he got 8.2 seconds under his belt and in football talk that equaled out to about a minute.
Our anniversary...18 big ones yesterday...and we partied like it was 18 big ones all right.
Actually...Mark's brother Mike sent him a bottle of Dom Perignon for his 40th birthday...1 1/2 years ago...and we still have it. Since my Mom's birthday is on Thursday we decided to uncork the champagne and live it up.
Frankly, I was not impressed. Maybe age doesn't treat Dom well. I'd just a soon had a glass of Communion wine.