September 11, 2006

Don't Call Me Three Fingered Loui...yet

What I Did Today

Went to church...Let the trumpets blow! And most people recognized me!
Almost fell asleep in church...But didn't!
Sang off key in church...But quietly.
Wore a completely ugly outfit including short pants and long sleeved shirt and looked totally super stupid...But at least my pants fit around my barrel shaped waist.
Cleaned my fridge out after finding out IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!
Went to the shop and discovered that my swirly/shake fridge door had been left partially open since Saturday and THREW OUT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS!
On a happy side note if there is a happy to this...I was able to thoroughly clean the fridge when it was empty...Both of them.
Bumped my head HARD on the freezer door...But didn't cut it quite wide open.
Cut my hand on the ceiling fan....No not because I was doing something fun either...But didn't chop them off or bleed too much
Cleaned the top of my home fridge off...and then...because I was that high in the air...cleaned the sofet on top of my kitchen cupboards which was a TREAT!!
Top it off with insomnia and you have a good share of my day so far.

1 comment:

Lori Lou said...

I swear woman! You do more in one day than I do in a month!