October 29, 2006

Coinckidinck or ???

I just read something...and I guess I should say...saw something that really bothered me.
I was finally able to sit down and read the Sunday paper...Omaha World Herald and in the Main News section I noticed an add for A COMPLETE THANKSGIVING DINNER...$1.84 with a picture of an emaciated man seated with a plate of food. It was an advertisement for the OPEN DOOR MISSION. Now what bothered me was that just below this ad was a bigger ad with the advantage of colored inks stating...GET A FREE TOTE BAG containing a shopping card worth up to $1,000 from Macy's, SkyMall or American Express. It was an ad for HARRAHS...the casino in Council Bluffs.
How pathetic is that? Above there is a picture of a starving man spearing a $1.84 turkey dinner...and below...lets go shopping at the mall for $1,000 !!!
Clever ad management...or...
Also this page had:
A story about how the US may have its first Muslim congressman come November....hmmmmm war innuendo...starving man...free tote bags for $1,000...then below these gems was an ad featuring a couple seated in their expensive living room, happy, gleeful and bragging that they just got a "fewer bills is a wonderful feeling" loan...
Just...makes one think...maybe just me...though...I always do see into things...make things more difficult than they are supposed to be.
Also...my dog Petie...aka...Pissin Pete...keeps FARTING! and I don't mean lady like poofting either. I mean beer drinking jalapeno flavored garlic clove pickled pigs feet snacking hairy chested big bellied tattooed on most of their exposed flesh Harley Davidson riding with a T-shirt saying If you can read this than FUCK YOU!!! MAN FARTS!!!
I'm telling you...that dog is riding a thin line. If I could I would light a sandalwood/cedar/patchouli incense cone and shove it up his little puckered doggie ass with the tip of my boot...if I had boots, an incense cone...and a total lack of self control.

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