October 09, 2006

Keeping Up With The Jones...and Getting Caught!

Mark went to Kearney on Saturday to get the rest of the crap he needed to open the pharmacy in Oxford. While he was there he picked up a TV. He has been mentioning lately(frequently and in excess) that the screen is blurry, the reception is crap... yadda yadda yadda. I don't really notice this because I don't tend to watch the tube even when I watch tv, besides my "eyes are blurry anyway". So...Mark got that set up on Saturday night.
Sunday, we went to church. Even Mark went along, much to my surprise. As I was driving off, pissed off as usual because we were late, I couldn't find the collection envelopes, my socks were loose, my toenails unpainted, my hair like a scarecrow, my clothes clingy, my bra strap twisted, my purse full of empty mint wrappers, my kids fighting and crabby and wearing "unchurchy" clothes, I saw Mark standing by the garage door looking as pissed as I was. He snarled, I guess I'll walk to church to which I slammed on the brake and said, Unless you want to ride with your family?? And off we went, the whole big happy group.
Funny enough the sermon was about "Keeping up with the Jones" and I almost laughed my ass off. BECAUSE, the pastor used as an example the very same tv that is now sitting in our living room! as a method of "keeping up with the Jones". Coinkidink? or the wrath of God...hmmmmm....somthing to ponder I guess.

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