October 23, 2006

Pootang Mugs are Sooo IN!

Mental note to self...Today is Monday.

I got a new shipment of mugs in the other day. They are really cute and cool with black and white dots and stripes...Some have blue and black some have black and pink. There are various sayings...Some for sisters...Some for friends...Some about being the center of the universe. They looked just like the picture from which I ordered them from. Except for one bizarre thing. Inside each mug there is a series of circles right where the handle attaches on. So what you say? Well...The circle is ahem a series of circles that something like...hmmmmmmmm shall I say...A slice of kiwi? ummmmm maybe a CT scan of a pomegranate? A...hmmmmm how to put it delicately...A gleaming pink/mauve/spotted pootang? Anyway...That's what Mark says. He has formally named these cups my "lesbian cups" and therefore...If you need a special gift for that special someone, like to remind someone of what they are missing or just like to drink coffee and stare straight into a gleaming pink/mauve/spotted pootang...Come on over. I have a bazillion!


shenry said...

Delicately put, indeed. I betcha $5 these mugs become your hottest selling item.

Lori Lou said...

Thanks for the image. I'll never be able to look at this mug the same way again!