October 29, 2006

The Stuff Boredom is Made Of

I drank some wine made in a Lexington Nebraska winery recently. I ordered two bottles...the red AND the white. Both were, sadly, too sweet for me. Kind of reminded me of PRISON WINE. Do you remember the recipe for that??
I am still awake because I've been waiting for my chicks to come back to the nest. Katie and her girls had a "night out" and a group of them went to McCook to some scary freaking movie. Andrew had some kind of plan to meet his "girly friend" from another town at a haunted house in McCook. He talked to her on the phone, made some plans, cajoled his sister to take him...blah blah blah blah. In the end...he did not see his girl at all, went to the movie with Katie and her friends and came home fairly happy anyway. I just thank God they came home in one piece. Teen drivers and all...god...I'm trembly yet thinking of it.
Alec is at a friends house for the night.
Mark and I shared a strange and quiet night together. We are both so damn tired we stared blankly at the tv and magazine and the inside of our eyelids.
Now...I need to go to bed.

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