October 25, 2006

Suzy Freakin Homemaker!

I did a few orders for the coffee shop and talked to a few salesmen (as usual)but mostly:
I made lasagna, chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter cream cheese frosting and frosted cinnamon rolls for HOME not the shop. T
he veggies were green beans and sweet taters. Served with a hot roll(not mine but from the shop)of course!
Amazing what not having to go to work all day does for me.
I got several loads of laundry done. Some grocery shopping. I made a little baby lasagna for mom and dad to have for supper.
I took a nap!
I did dishes and thought about dusting but I didn't.
The boys have a football game tomorrow in Blue Hill. It's the play offs. The weather is supposed to suck with wind, rain and cold stuff settling in.
I hate that!
I'm distracted and wanting to sleep now.
Hibernation is setting in...yawn

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